Blair and Clark: Food Miles And Terror

Published: Sat 11 Nov 2006 07:35 AM
Blair and Clark: Food Miles And Terror
UK PM Tony Blair listens intently to New Zealand's PM
For New Zealand's Prime Minister the prospect of NZ's export sector being hit hard by food miles - the theory that the further food has to travel to market, the worse its impact on the environment is a terrifying one – for the United Kingdom's PM Tony Blair the prospect of terrorism seemed more terrifying.
This morning (Friday 10 October) Helen Clark and Tony Blair enjoyed a good chat over breakfast however the big news of the day regarding 200 terror cells in the UK seemed to be playing upon Mr Blair's mind and the NZ media contingent only managed one question (not terror related).
According to a number of the UK's morning papers the head of Mi5 Dame Eliza Manningham has warned that there are at least 200 al-Qaeda cells plotting terror attacks. The papers also report that Mi5 are seriously over-stretched. When questioned by a reporter from the BBC Mr Blair blamed those that would 'seek to radicalise the young'.
Probably the most well known and radical Mosque in the United Kingdom - at least it was while the radical one eyed handless sheik Abu Hamza was its Imam -is Finsbury Park Mosque. Scoop caught the tube out to Finsbury in the afternoon seeking to know if they were getting a bad rep. Sadly upon arrival and after some language problems it appeared that yes the Mosque do have press officers but no they were not in today (or they were busy)

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Smelly takeaways and T'n'T filled bags are two potential hazards for those travelling on the Tube in London
The well known and allegedly radical Finsbury Park Mosque
Gas leaks from London's decaying infrasturcture rather than terrorist atacks lead to road closures in Finsbury while Scoop was visiting
Listen to the Prime Minister talk about food miles and Tony Blair talk about the threat within.

Scoop Streaming Audio: PM 'n' Blair at Downing Street 10.11.06
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