Daily Voting News For November 2, 2006

Published: Mon 6 Nov 2006 01:44 PM
Daily Voting News For November 2, 2006
Guest Blogged by John Gideon of
'Lawyers for the state and groups that opposed Ohio's voter identification rules claimed victory Wednesday in a settlement that suspends the law for absentee voters and clarifies and expands it for voting in person.' / Hart Intercivic has been under the radar lately. VoteTrustUSA has an article that lets you see who is behind the company. / Cuyahoga Co Ohio is back in the news again. Seems they decided that they would make free use of workers lap-tops to make memory card reading a bit easier. No telling what viruses may have been passed around. / There seems to be a yellow button on the back of Sequoia DREs that is suddenly getting a lot of attention because it can be used to gain access to the machine and could be used to vote more than one time....
National: Who is Counting Your Votes? - A Closer Look at Hart InterCivic LINK
National: 'Hacking' Doesn't Crack the Code LINK
National: CNN's Lou Dobb's: 'Tonight, voting activists, not our government, leading the battle for voting security.' LINK
National: In the Land of ‘Every Vote Counts,’ Uncertainty on Whether It’s Counted Correctly LINK
National: Debate (Larry Norden v. Michael Shamos) Can Electronic Voting Be Trusted? LINK
National: Button on state's most used e-voting machine allows multiple votes LINK
National: Keeping a wary eye: Pitfalls abound LINK
National: Close races to magnify problems at the polls LINK
National: ES & S Offers $10,000 Prize in University Voting Technology Competition LINK
National: Hackable Democracy? LINK
National: Media Release - Candidates Advised to 'Citizen Audit' Race Before Conceding LINK
National: Revamped exit poll, vote counting operations get test in closely watched election LINK
Arkansas: It's Charlie's fault (Reports of vote switching) LINK
California: California secretary of state unveils new election checks LINK
California: HERE WE GO AGAIN: 'Just Push the Yellow Button and Vote as Many Times as You Want' on Sequoia Touch-Screen Voting Machines! LINK
California: Sequoia Voting Machines Certified For Use By Secretary Of State Could Let People In 21 Counties Vote More Than Once LINK
California: Officials brace for election glitches as e-voting takes hold LINK
California: Mendocino County - 70% in county vote by mail LINK
Colorado: Denver - Election judges grapple with new voting machines LINK
Colorado: Eagle County - Ballots will be translated into Spanish LINK
Florida: Supervisor told new vote machines pose time-change problem LINK
Florida: Broward County - Broward racks up nearly 40,000 early votes for Tuesday's election LINK
Florida: Collier County - Brent Batten: Voters still wary toward touch-screen machines LINK
Florida: Palm Beach County records 32,000 early votes for Tuesday's election LINK
Florida: Volusia County - Voting runs into untimely glitch LINK
Iowa: State confident of voting machines
Many Iowans can use touch screens at polls; watchdog groups urge caution LINK
Iowa: Editorial - Iowa's voting methods deserve confidence LINK
Illinois: Early voters finding new machines aren't without faults LINK
Illinois: Chicago/Cook County - Voting equipment glitches lingering LINK
Indiana: Everyone's looking for signs of voter fraud LINK
Kansas: Sedgwick County - Voting Problems in Sedgwick County LINK
Maryland: More Poll Workers Recruited, But Training Proves Daunting LINK
Maryland: Maryland balloting beset with doubts, vulnerability LINK
Maryland: Md. voters will have lots of company at polling places LINK
Maryland: Does e-voting need paper trails? LINK
Maryland: Md. Dems slam GOP voter-credential guide LINK
Maryland: Prince George's County - Nearly 3,000 absentee ballots yet to be sent LINK
New Mexico: Domenici criticizes decision not to use election auditor LINK
New York: Voting machine schedule changed LINK
Ohio: State Proposes Settlement To Voter ID Requirement LINK
Ohio: Ohio suspends voter ID law for absentees LINK
Ohio: Cuyahoga County OH Possibly Exposed Election System to Computer Virus LINK
Ohio: Cuyahoga County - Ohio's most populous county unveils election monitoring system LINK
Ohio: Miami County - Official States Electronic Voting System Added Votes Never Cast
In 2004 Presidential Election; Audit Log Missing LINK
Ohio: Miami County - Official States Electronic Voting System Added Votes Never Cast LINK
Pennsylvania: Mistakes affect absentee ballots LINK
South Carolina: Long ballots could mean long lines at polls LINK
South Dakota: S.D. voting machines not linked to probe LINK
Tennessee: Sullivan County - Voting machine problem shuts down Civic Auditorium site LINK
Texas: Electronic, paper ballots raging controversy this election season LINK
Texas: Bringing The Ballots To People Who Cannot Get To Them LINK
Utah: Vote! - But, Bring a Book LINK
Utah: Utah braces for Nov. 7 jam
Machine shortage, confusion over ballots bring long lines, frustration in early voting LINK
Washington: Computerized vote systems raise fears of potential fraud LINK
GUam: Opinion - Ban is not the way to address the problems with voting machines LINK
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