Daily Voting News For October 28, 2006

Published: Mon 30 Oct 2006 12:08 AM
Daily Voting News For October 28, 2006
Guest Blogged by John Gideon of
"Broward Supervisor of Elections spokeswoman Mary Cooney said it's not uncommon for screens on heavily used machines to slip out of sync, making votes register incorrectly. Poll workers are trained to recalibrate them on the spot -- essentially, to realign the video screen with the electronics inside. The 15-step process is outlined in the poll-workers manual." These machines may be used 150 to 250 times on election day. And it seems the county expects them to "slip" out of calibration. Not a big issue because they have a "15 STEP PROCESS" to fix that condition??? / Informal discussions between Sequoia Voting Systems owner, Smartmatic, and the Treasury Dept. have now become a formal investigation, it seems. How much say does Hugo Chavez have in our elections? / In the laugh of the day officials in Lonoke Co Arkansas think they may be done counting votes and have the lights turned off by 9:30PM on election night. / Miller Co, Arkansas Election Administrator is resigning at the end of the year because ES representatives "are grossly incompetent, mean-spirited and can’t spell"....
National: U.S. digs for vote-machine links to Hugo Chávez LINK
National: Gallup: Only 1 in 4 Americans Very Confident Votes Will Be Counted Accurately LINK
National: Election 2006 – Electronic Voting Machines Are Already Failing LINK
National: George Will - Federally-mandated voting machines could create havoc LINK
National: Hampering The Vote LINK
National: Elections: Senator Feinstein Raises Concern About Trouble at the Polls LINK
National: Voter Confusion LINK
National: A response to the EAC Chairman's Op-Ed LINK
National: E-VOTING TRAIN WRECK 2006: The Week In Review LINK
National: Election Meltdowns Brewing in Maryland, Ohio, Colorado, Everywhere Else… LINK
Arkansas: Benton County - EDITORIAL: Early voting a snap, thanks to efforts by county officials LINK
Arkansas: Lonoke County - Officials vow fast returns
IN SHORT: Early voting gets off to quick start, Lonoke official predicts early night election eve. LINK
Arkansas: Miller County - Election administrator resigns LINK
Colorado: Denver - New fix for absentee ballots
Denver commission dumps plan for hand copying; machines will tally both styles LINK
Florida: Sancho sounds off in voting-system documentary LINK
Florida: Miami-Dade and Broward Counties - Glitches cited in early voting
Early voters are urged to cast their ballots with care following scattered reports of problems with heavily used machines. LINK
Florida: Volusia County - Early-vote ballots to get recount LINK
Georgia: Elections preparation under way LINK
Illinois: DuPage County - DuPage election Web site hacked LINK
Maryland: Boards short of some absentee ballots; officials concerned about processing LINK
Maryland: Late Paper Ballots Create Problems For Maryland Election Boards LINK
Michigan: Monroe County - Absentee ballot snafu boosts costs LINK
North Carolina: Safeguards ensure every vote will be counted LINK
North Dakota: Help America Vote Act and Rural North Dakota LINK
Nevada: Renoite sue Sequoia Voting Systems LINK
Ohio: Stay Application in Ohio Voter ID Case LINK
Pennsylvania: Poll workers aid U.S. democracy
Residents sign up to run voting sites and help others cast their ballots. LINK
Pennsylvania: Armstrong County - High number of absentee ballots LINK
Pennsylvania: Philadelphia - Blame for booth mishaps
Election staff errors caused 200+ malfunctions LINK
Tennessee: Documented Election Law and Security Violations in Shelby County LINK
Texas: Write-ins may spell a long Election Night LINK
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