Daily Voting News For October 18, 2006

Published: Thu 19 Oct 2006 02:49 PM
Daily Voting News For October 18, 2006
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A federal appeals court will hear a complaint against the Indiana Voter ID law today. / 'As the new [federal] testing and certification program is developed in response to input from public interest organizations, computer security experts, and concerned citizens, the EAC should be guided by a desire for the greatest possible transparency. A transparent election process is fundamental to democratic governance' says Warren Stewart of VoteTrustUSA. / Grant Parrish Louisiana needs 47 new voting machines to replace those that were damaged due to flooding in their warehouse. ...
National: New Weekly Radio Program about Voting and Democracy to be Launched LINK
National: Voting Rights Radio - Don’ t Miss It! LINK
National: Voice of the Voters: The Power and Responsibility of Democracy LINK
National: Legal SWAT Teams LINK
National: Building a Better Voting Machine LINK
National: OpEd - Voters Not To Blame For Fraud LINK
National: More on E-voting LINK
National: Under the Radar: The EAC Proposes A New Program For Testing Voting Machines LINK
National: Expands Multi-Pronged Election Protection Strike Force Campaign as Nov. General Election Nears LINK
National: Last-minute questions about e-voting LINK
National: Troops Still Have Time to Vote Absentee LINK
National: Election Administration Issues Follow Up Briefing Background Material to Press Call LINK
Arizona: YES: Mail-in ballot clearly adds to turnout LINK
Arizona: NO: Mail-in ballot subverts our traditions LINK
California: FBI Investigates Letters Sent To Garden Grove Voters LINK
California: San Mateo County - Elections Workers Test eSlate Voting Machines LINK
Colorado: Opinion - Can we trust our voting system? LINK
Florida: Judge: Florida law won’t allow polling place signs for Negron LINK
Florida: Miami-Dade County - Election Voting Machines Put To The Test LINK
Georgia: Lawyers to drop contempt claim against Georgia over voter letters LINK
Iowa: All Iowa polling places have a machine for the blind LINK
Iowa: Washington County - Election services, work, costs increase LINK
Illinois: Cook County - County board members still skeptical about voting machines. Election judges to receive more training for Nov. LINK
Indiana: Federal appeals court to hear voter ID case LINK
Indiana: Federal appeals court hears Indiana voter ID case LINK
Indiana: Expert to Discuss "Computerized Voting Machines: Who is Counting Your Vote?" on October 31 LINK
Indiana: Allen County - A poll of precision. Workers operate the county’s voting machines to ensure their accuracy. (Actually the workers are vendor employees.) LINK
Kentucky: Voting system change unlikely LINK
Louisiana: Grant Parrish - More voting machines needed in LINK
Maryland: Absentee ballots a hot item. Elections boards are swamped; some voters will give electronic machines another try Nov. 7 LINK
Maryland: Paper ballots persevere, even in high-tech times LINK
North Carolina: Forsyth County - Longtime elections official resigns before Nov. 7. Cardwell described as dignified public servant, committed to work LINK
New Jersey: High-tech voting for visually impaired LINK
New Mexico: Governor stands by election reform LINK
New York: New York to Use Aging Voting Machines LINK
New York: Suffolk County - County Files Suit Over Voting Machines LINK
Pennsylvania: Luzerne County eyes cases of voter registration fraud LINK
Tennessee: Natchez - Workers prepare for Nov. 2 vote LINK
Tennessee: Shelby County - Use of vote machines will proceed LINK
Washington: Snohomish County - Senate race, all-mail voting expected to boost turnout LINK
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