Daily Voting News For October 10, 2006

Published: Wed 11 Oct 2006 04:25 PM
Daily Voting News For October 10, 2006
Guest Blogged by John Gideon of
Sequoia has done a good job in an attempt to misrepresent the facts in the Brennan Report. They seem to have twisted the facts in order to deceive potential customers in New York. Read more in the NY section / "There is something you can do NOW, even before the election starts. Verified Voting's Election Transparency Project is enlisting members of the public (and especially organized groups) to help find out what really goes on in our elections. Our aim is to document everything we can, so that we actually know what happened after election day. The project has six questionnaires to guide you through the observation process. You can choose one of them or all of them. You can even do them if you are involved in other election observation projects, such as the Election Protection Coalition or Pollworkers for Democracy (consult Google for more information on these projects)." For more information see directly below....
National: Verified Voting's Election Transparency Project LINK
National: A Vote We Can Believe In LINK
National: 'The Lamest E-Voting Machine Editorial Ever'… LINK
National: Brennan Center Report Finds Most Voting Machines Fail to Address Needs of the Disabled LINK
National: Voting electronically? Be very afraid! LINK
Arizona: Arizona Attorney General will appeal voter ID case to U.S. Supreme Court LINK
California: Absentee balloting has changed voting -- and that's good LINK
California: Alameda County elections chief promises 'secure' voting LINK
California: Alameda County votes secured against fraud. OAKLAND: Ballot counters being shrink-wrapped and bar-coded before distribution to polling places LINK
California: Alameda County - Voting System Is Secure, Says County Registrar LINK
California: Riverside County - Elections officials to post results at polls LINK
Florida: Volusia County - Ballot omission newest elections department complaint LINK
Hawaii: Kauai County fights challenge to election LINK
Iowa: Electronic voting machines may not eliminate election problems. New machines have their own set of problems LINK
Illinois: Sangamon County - Paper trail backed for electronic voting. But legislation in Congress wasn't voted on LINK
Indiana: Hamilton County - Democrats cast doubt about ballots' accuracy. Missing name, absentee ballots sent a day late have been addressed, says Richardson. LINK
Maryland: Montgomery County - County executive recommends absentee voting. Duncan says he has no confidence in county or state elections boards LINK
Minnesota: Minneapolis offered choice of instant-runoff voting LINK
Mississippi: Jackson County - Poll workers sought LINK
New Mexico: Santa Fe - Panel suggests amendments to election rules (IRV) LINK
New York: Sequoia Tries Pulling the Wool over New York’s Eyes LINK
Ohio: Poll: Only Half Of Ohioans Believe Election Will Be Fair LINK
Ohio: Questions About Voting Machines Arise LINK
Ohio: Cuyahoga County - Review Finds Mistakes On 5,100 Absentee Ballots LINK
Tennessee: Sullivan County - Election Commission makes changes that should result in much smoother November election LINK
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