Daily Voting News For June 17, 2006

Published: Mon 19 Jun 2006 11:15 AM
Daily Voting News For June 17, 2006
Compiled by John Gideon
There seems to be a new vendor on the block. Precise Voting is still at least a month away from ITA testing and federal qualification of their DRE voting system. What is amazing is that, according to their website, a vvpat printer is part of their system and the printer actually cuts each vvpat off and puts it into a ballot box. Amazingly this system also has a binary switch that allows 'sip-n-puff' and other technology to make their system actually accessible for voters with disabilities. What's wrong with Diebold, Sequoia, and ES? Are they really "technicallogically challenged"? / It now appears that the Arkansas legislature may step-in and investigate what went wrong with ES in the state primary and what legislation needs to be written to protect the voters from this vendors questionable service....
California: Kern County – Train Wreck - Diebold takes rap for voting issues LINK
California: Kern County – Train Wreck - Diebold Accepts Responsibility For Problems in Kern County LINK
Arkansas: Legislators OK look at voting problems LINK
Arkansas: Ark. legislative panel to review voting system problems LINK
Arkansas: Outcome remains the same in recount LINK
Arkansas: Lonoke County – More votes show up LINK
New Mexico: Valencia County - Primary vote canvass shows changes in totals but not in who won LINK
New York: Rise of the machines (Precise Voting AVES) LINK
Texas: Voters File For Injunction To Prevent State Of Texas From Using Unreliable Electronic Voting LINK
Wisconsin: Earl Gates column: Vote By Mail has been proven winner LINK
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