'Daily Voting News' For June 8, 2006

Published: Fri 9 Jun 2006 12:35 AM
'Daily Voting News' For June 8, 2006
Guest Blogged by John Gideon of and VoteTrustUSA.Org
Officials in Bucks Co., Pennsylvania hope to save a 'buck' by purchasing used, reconditioned Danaher 1242 voting machines. Will those machines be brought up to 2002 standards? What about voters with disabilities? / San Joaquin Co., CA's Debra Hench blamed all of the counties problems on absentee poll workers and ignored all voting machine problems but a few "paper jams". / As officials in Pottawattamie Co., Iowa hand-count their paper ballots due to an apparent tabulator failure (ES) one county officials said, "I love paper trails."When asked about DREs he said, "If you program them wrong, it would do the same thing (as Tuesday's counting errors)." / “It is unconscionable that in this day and age any American voter would be turned away from a polling place,” said Calif. State Senator Ashburn in regards to problems in Kern County. “If there are problems with the system that is in place, then we need to know about it immediately. If yesterday’s problems were caused by administrative errors or faulty training, then we need to know that too.”...
California: Kern County – Train Wreck - Ghosts in the machines plague local polling places LINK
California: Kern County – Train Wreck - Ashburn Calls for Investigation of Kern Voting Fiasco LINK
California: San Joaquin County – Train Wreck - Tallying the lessons. Elections officials look to avert voting problems in November LINK
California: San Joaquin County – Train Wreck - Absent workers cause delay. Voters office struggled due to lack of election officials LINK
Iowa: Pottawattamie County – Train Wreck - Op-Scan Voting Machines Miscount Ballots in Iowa Republican Primary! Hand Count Reveals Other Candidate Leads By Far! LINK
Iowa: Pottawattamie County – Train Wreck - ELECTION: Hand count prompts differing opinions from candidates LINK
Iowa: Pottawattamie County – Train Wreck - Knauss, Leaders, Williams win in GOP supervisors primary (ES) LINK
Mississippi: Leflore County – Train Wreck - Machines must be used in runoff LINK
Montana: Cascade County – Train Wreck - Glitch, absentee votes slow results LINK
New Jersey: Morris County – Train Wreck - Ballot counting delayed by slow computer server LINK
New Jersey: Morris County – Train Wreck - County to probe vote-count delays LINK
Pennsylvania: Allegheny County – Train Wreck - County voting machines under review by state LINK
Texas: Jefferson County – Train Wreck - 2 Former Elected Officials Ask County Clerk To Resign (ES) LINK
Texas: Jefferson County – Train Wreck - Lindens say Jefferson County Clerk Carolyn Guidry should resign LINK
National: DeSoaries to Rolling Stone: Where are the Standards? LINK
National: Lou Dobbs discovers Smartmatic LINK
Alabama: Mobile County - Slow count: New paper ballots are a drag LINK
Arkansas: Hempstead County - Runoff puts all-electronic vote closer LINK
California: California Working to Avoid Being an Ohio LINK
California: Alameda County - County has plan to speed paper balloting. Supes likely to give nod to system used elsewhere in state. (Sequoia Op-scans and inaccessible Edge machines that failed in IL, PA, and elsewhere) LINK
California: Alameda County - County Supervisors To Vote On Sequoia Contract LINK
California: Orange County - Registrar of voters marked tardy, with excuses LINK
Colorado: Weld County – Opinion - Computer voting isn't such a bad concept LINK
Georgia: Cox's role as chief of elections questioned LINK
Indiana: Madison County - County to shoulder some costs of local recount LINK
Maryland: State board OKs funds for early voting LINK
Maryland: Electronic poll books contract approved LINK
Maryland: Ehrlich Agrees to Buy Early Voting Machines Despite Opposition to Law LINK
Maryland: Early-voting sites have problems, official says LINK
Montana: Cybervoting hits the MARK LINK
Pennsylvania: Bucks County - Bucks officials to decide on voting machine purchase (Second-hand Danaher 1242) LINK
New Jersey: Essex County - New voting machines debut: County officials say it’s a success, some voters miss levers LINK
New York: A Foot in the Door of the Voting Booth LINK
New York: Time here for public voice on voting machines LINK
South Dakota: Counties report few mishaps with touch-screen voting machines (AutoMark) LINK
Tennessee: Shelby County - New voting machines on the way (Diebold TSx) LINK
Virginia: All Virginia voting will be electronic. State has used federal help to convert to optical-scan and touch-screen machines LINK
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