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Published: Mon 12 Dec 2005 11:22 AM
Weekend Top 30 Items On Scoop - Dates: 12/Dec/2005, 11/Dec/2005
1: British Mercenaries Shooting at Baghdad Motorists
Security contractors of the so-called "Victory" Group of the British mercenary Firm Aegis Defense Services have committed the ultimate war crime: the indiscriminate killing of civilians as part of a "game", not a video game but a real game of shooting ...
2: Rice's Indefensible Brief; Cheney's Last Throes
European reaction to visiting Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's statements on torture can be summed up in lead commentary Wednesday in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung, among the most widely respected German newspapers.
3: Info On Where To Obtain U2 Tickets in NZ
Important Information for Purchasing U2 Tickets for Ericsson Stadium this Monday 12th December at 9am
4: Breaking News: Explosions Strike Oil Depot Near M1
London -- "Massive" explosions struck an oil depot about 20 kilometres from London's Luton airport, close to the M1 near Hemel Hempstead filling the sky with orange flames and shattering windows and doors at nearby homes, police and witnesses ...
5: Leopold: For Rove, New Testimony, New Problems
There are unanswered questions about whether Karl Rove was truthful when he was first interviewed by FBI and Justice Department investigators in early October 2003 regarding whether he played a role in the leak of covert CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson. According ...
6: U2 Tickets Not Available Through Postshops
New Zealand Post announced today that, in consultation with Ticketmaster and Michael Coppel Presents, it would not be selling tickets during Monday’s sale for the second and final U2 concert to be held on 18 March 2006.
7: Hostages: Is Righteous Brigade Linked To IAI?
Information has come to light that the group The Swords of the Righteousness Brigades may be linked to the entity IAI (Islamist Army in Iraq). It appears there are similarities between the modus operandi of the IAI and the group that is holding Harmeet Sooden, ...
8: Jane Kelsey WTO: Creating a Climate of Fear in HK
In four days time, trade ministers from 149 WTO member countries, plus observers from those in the process of accession, will convene in Hong Kong for the 6th ministerial conference of the WTO to discuss the crippled Doha round of trade negotiations.
9: Fideo Castro Speech: 60th University Commemoration
Speech delivered by Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz, President of the Republic of Cuba, at the Commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of his admission to University of Havana, in the Aula Magna of the University of Havana,
10: Veil of Secrecy lifted on Somali Community
In a national first, one of New Zealand’s newest and most misunderstood communities is the focus of a social photography project due to open at the Waikato Museum on December 3.
11: Miss World Final on E!
The Final of the Miss World 2005 pageant will premiere on the E! Entertainment Network (SKY Digital Channel 7), 7.30pm on Friday, December 16. The two-hour show from the Sheraton Sanya Resort on the shores of the South China Sea is set to be the most ...
12: Mayor of London Calls Bushies "A Gang of Thugs"
Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London, England, threw a bash for anti-war activists this evening and denounced the Bush Administration as "a gang of thugs." He praised the work of those present from the US and the UK who have worked to end the war, ...
13: Explosion At Buncefield Oil Depot - Hertfordshire
Police and other emergency services are attending the area of Buncefield Oil Depot in Hemel Hempstead this morning following reports of an explosion just after 6am.
14: Mattern: The Rise Of Plutocracy & Corporate Rule
It’s difficult to comprehend how the political leadership in the United States of America has degenerated from the brilliant leadership of Franklin Roosevelt and the inspiration of John Kennedy to the dreadful leadership of recent years.
15: Video: Captors Release Video Of Two Hostages (2)
A new video of two of four hostages held in Iraq has been released by the group knows as Brigade of the Swords of Righteousness: this part of the video shows Briton Norman Kember. The captors said the deadline for compliance to their demands has been extended ...
16: Kyoto Protocol moves ahead as Bush's tactics fail
Montreal, Canada 9 December 2005 - Greenpeace today congratulated the 157 countries, who have ratified the Kyoto Protocol, as they moved the landmark climate change treaty towards deeper emissions reductions after 2012.
17: Video: Abu Qatada Seeks Release Of Hostages
The Guardian has reported that Abu Qatada, who has been described as Osama bin Laden's spiritual ambassador in Europe, made the plea in a film broadcast on Arab television networks for the kidnappers to free Norman Kember and Harmeet Sooden, James Loney, ...
18: Unsafe 'No Holes Tongue Stud' banned
Recently the Ministry of Consumer Affairs received a complaint from the mother of a nine-year old girl, who inhaled an imitation tongue stud while playing and had to undergo surgery to remove it from her lung.
19: Molesworth & Featherston (Weekend) – Dec. 6th 2005
Life is good for households, with continuing income growth and spending. But businesses are concerned about future profits as costs rise faster than prices. Those were the messages from Treasury to ministers in its latest economic update.
20: Diebold Voting Machine "Hack" Testing – Update
Letter faxed and mailed Dec. 9, 2005 To: California Secretary of State, Bruce McDannold, cc: Bruce McPherson From: John S. Baker, Atty at Law, Dorsey & Whitney So. Cal. Office
21: 9 December 2005
Our new Minister of Foreign Affairs is off on his third overseas trip in as many weeks, this time to the East Asia conference in Malaysia – an arduous amount of first class travel and banqueting for a man who so detests the baubles of office. And according ...
22: How Do Americans Feel About Torture?
If the Bush Administration listens to the American public, rather than to Sen. John McCain, it needn't be too worried about the issue of torture of suspected terrorists.
23: UK Explosion: Evening Press Briefing - Update
Good evening – it’s been a long day for many people and I thank you once again for attending this final briefing of today.
24: UQ Wire: Village Voice - 10 Unanswered Questions
On Monday, December 5, the 9-11 Public Discourse Project—a private group formed by 9-11 Commission members after their official mandate lapsed in 2004—held a wrap-up press briefing in Washington, signaling the last gasp of official inquiries into ...
25: Audio: Selwyn Manning & Tony Amos on RadioLive
Host: Tony Amos, and Scoop's Selwyn Manning discuss: The Parliamentary inquiry into TVNZ; Political bullying; Public agency nepotism and departmental accountability; Canwest acquiring free to air rights for live Rugby World Cup coverage; Harmeet Sooden ...
26: Australia: thousands attend funeral for Van Nguyen
More than 3,000 people attended a funeral service yesterday for 25-year-old Nguyen Tuong Van, expressing the deeply felt public opposition to his barbaric execution by the Singapore government last Friday.
27: Picnic of Solidarity for Harmeet Singh Sooden
Auckland University Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) are organising a Candlelit Picnic of Solidarity for fellow student Harmeet Singh Sooden and his colleagues, who are being held hostage by the un-renowned "Swords of Righteousness" group in ...
28: Video: Second Release Of Hostage Video
The Baghdad by Swords of Righteousness Brigade released a second video of hostages Auckland University student, Canadian and New Zealand resident, Harmeet Sooden (32); Canadian James Loney (41); American Tom Fox (54); and Briton Norman Kember (74). ...
29: Questions and Answers Thursday - 8 December 2005
1. RON MARK (NZ First) to the Minister of Police: What assurances can she give that the New Zealand Police are to be adequately resourced to cope with existing and future demands?
30: Mapp: Political Correctness - Next Steps
In the six weeks since my appointment on Political Correctness Eradication there has been growing interest in the role.
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