Scoop Top 30 weekend Ratings - Dec. 3-4 2005

Published: Mon 5 Dec 2005 12:54 AM
The weekend’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...
1: Veil of Secrecy lifted on Somali Community
In a national first, one of New Zealand’s newest and most misunderstood communities is the focus of a social photography project due to open at the Waikato Museum on December 3.
2: MalcontentX: The PlameGate Affair is A Smokescreen
Take the case of "outed" CIA agent Valerie Plame-Wilson, and the "crime" for which some senior members of the Bush Administration may be facing jail time. Of all the thoughtful observers I routinely scan across the internet, I have found only two ...
3: Troop Movements on Eritrean-Ethiopian Border
Troop movements have been noticed on both sides of the Eritrean-Ethiopian border, where the two countries fought a war from 1998 to 2000, and where restrictions on United Nations peacekeeping patrols continue, with many being prevented from going ...
4: Animal Rights activists arrested in Wellington
Three Wellington animal rights activists were arrested this morning after locking themselves to a truck from a local factory farm. The truck belongs to Premier Bacon company, which intensively farms and slaughters pigs in Carterton.
5: Mapping The Real Deal: Fed's Cancellation of M3
I have been asked by several network members to comment on the cancellation by the Federal Reserve of the publication of its broadest series of aggregate monetary statistics, known as "M3."
6: Cruel and senseless killing of Van Tuong Nguyen
“Today is an extremely sad day for his family, who are now victims of this horrendous punishment,” said Tim Goodwin, Amnesty International’s Anti-Death Penalty Coordinator.
7: Scoop Link: No Clemency For Nguyen Tuong Van
Sydney Morning Herald Reports that Nguyen Tuong Van could only hold his mother's hand in his final hours. They were not allowed to hug or kiss. Nguyen's mother, Kim, and his twin brother, Khoa, were granted special permission to touch him as they ...
8: Suzan Mazur: Sotheby's & The Signed Euphronios
Proceedings resume December 5 in the trial of the dean of ancient art dealers -- Bob Hecht -- and former Getty museum antiquities curator Marion True. Will Sotheby's be called to answer questions about some of the items listed by Italian prosecutors ...
9: Nguyen Tuong Van Will Be Hanged on Dec. 2
1. This is to inform you that the death sentence passed on Nguyen Tuong Van will be carried out on 2 Dec 2005.
10: Parliament Must Stockpile an Tennis-Ball Vaccine
Over recent weeks the public has become more and more aware of a major risk. One that threatens the stability of our country. One that stikes unexpectedly and leaves the helpless victim - though he might not know it for months - as good as dead.
11: Illegal nuclear waste shipment blocked in France
International — In a daring 2AM action, twenty Greenpeace activists have blocked the loading of illegal nuclear waste in France.
12: Cow Bombs In Costa Rica: Only A Matter Of Time?
Returning to America after a recent trip to Costa Rica, I could practically smell the fear in the Phoenix airport. Welcome to the Terrified States of America, folks. Kindly remove almost every item of clothing and check all common sense at the gate.
13: Dr Bollard and the First Law of Holes - Addendum
On Tuesday 29 November (Scoop Wednesday 30 November I wrote that New Zealand faces the possibility of a serious financial crisis that could spread to Australia, given that (i) our banks are Australian, (ii) overseas ...
14: 2 December 2005
The Terrorism Suppression Act was passed in 2002, in the wake of the September 11 attacks. The legislation complies with United Nations' resolutions designed to suppress terrorist organisations and attack their funding, recruitment and access to weapons. ...
15: Australian Minister for Justice on Van Nguyen
I am advised that the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (CDPP) have examined the question of whether Mr Van Nguyen could be prosecuted in Australia in relation to private charges issued out of the ...
16: Jamaica: HIV/AIDS Activist Steve Harvey Murdered
Human Rights Watch mourns the death of Steve Harvey, a leading Jamaican HIV/AIDS activist who worked tirelessly to defend the health and human rights of people living with and at high-risk of HIV/AIDS.
17: Jay Shaft: The Truth From Our Soldiers About Iraq
A few months ago I put out a request for letters from soldiers being redeployed to Iraq for a second or third tour. I received about ten letters so far and will be publishing them over the next several weeks.
18: William Engdahl: Bird Flu & Chicken Factory Farms
Clouds can have ‘silver linings’ the adage goes, and Bird Flu seems to be no exception. While much of the world trembles in panic and fear over an as-yet-non-existent human-to-human mutation of the Avian Flu or H5N1 virus, and while most worry what to do to protect ...
19: Audio: Robert Fisk Speaks On Middle East
Audio courtesy of L.A. Sound Posse - Robert Fisk: Report From The Middle East, U.C.L.A. association with an introduction of his latest book "The Great War for Civilization: The Conquest of the Middle East".
20: Are we prepared for Avian ‘Bird’ Flu?
‘Bird flu’ preparedness is an issue that New Zealand board game publisher, Matt Taylor, has serious concerns about. Taylor believes major financial institutions and government agencies are not sharing enough information on their contingency plans ...
21: Harmeet Sooden Was Working With ISM
Harmeet Sooden (32) a Canadian citizen who had been living in New Zealand, came to Palestine to join the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) in December 2004 and stayed until January 2005.
22: Locke appeals to Iraqi captors
Below is the letter that Keith Locke has sent today to the captors of Harmeet Sooden, via Al Jazeera.
23: Waste Management captures a golden double
Waste Management captures a golden double: 2005 Company of the Year; CEO Kim Ellis 2005 Executive of the Year
24: The Mapp Report - 2 December 2005
Over the last couple of years The Independent's political commentator, Chris Trotter, has attracted quite a following. For a business paper this is quite an achievement. Chris Trotter is a well-known left-winger, often regarded as being to the left of ...
25: Audio: Manning & Pound Discuss Army Abuse Report
Scoop Audio: Selwyn Manning & Simon Pound on 95bFM: Discuss Defence Minister Phil Goff having released a report into allegations of abuse and criminal acts involving the NZ Army Cadet School.
26: Narconews: Vicente Fox vs Hugo Chávez
Since his appearance at the latest Summit of the Americas in Argentina, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has drawn the ire of rightwing, U.S.-oriented politicians throughout Latin America embarrassed by his strong words. New pieces in Narco News look at conflicts ...
27: Energy Efficiency In Houses Reserch
Building Research, the building and construction sector’s leading research investment organisation, and the Centre for Housing Research, Aotearoa New Zealand (CHRANZ) are to jointly fund research to establish what measures could best encourage the ...
28: The True Cost of Not Taxing Carbon
WWF-New Zealand, part of the global conservation network, today called upon the New Zealand government to stand firm on introducing a carbon tax in April 2007.
29: Slaughter of albatrosses
New South African research confirms the appalling death toll of albatrosses at the hands of the lucrative longline fishing industry operating in the country's waters, including Shy Albatrosses that breed in New Zealand.
30: Aust. government deserts young man to be hanged
A young Australian man will almost certainly be hanged in Singapore at 6 a.m. this Friday after the Australian government made it plain it was prepared to sacrifice his life to bolster its economic and strategic relations with the anti-democratic ...
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