Public Address 22/11/05 - Any Amount Of Erudition

Published: Thu 24 Nov 2005 02:16 PM
PUBLIC ADDRESS 22/11/05 - Any Amount of Erudition
One eye on the game | Nov 22, 2005 09:11
Russell Brown's Hard News
I had written a pungent and thorough post about the use and abuse of language, and I do have a couple of good guest posts about TVNZ in the bag, but given that my colleagues have chimed in with any amount of erudition, I'll content myself with some one-eyed observations...,
Herded on the Grapevine | Nov 21, 2005 20:24
Che Tibby's view from Wellington
It's hard to think ill of people you know? You like to think of people as gentle and graceful souls at heart. You think of them as intelligent and amenable. Perhaps you think of them as reasonable and forthright...,
Harry, Satan etc. | Nov 21, 2005 17:03
Damian Christie - Cracker With Attitude
Everything is moving very quickly indeed. Last time I wrote I'd just found out I'd be going to Oxford at some point in the next year or so. Last week the call came in: I'm there in seven weeks...,
Orwell That Ends Well | Nov 21, 2005 16:47
David Slack on his own account
It was in Auckland, a sodden morning of the rains. A sickly light, like yellow tinfoil, was slanting over the high walls into the jail yard. We were waiting outside the condemned cells, a row of sheds fronted with double bars, like small animal cages...,

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