Public Address 01/11/05 - Rumour And Fact

Published: Tue 1 Nov 2005 03:20 PM
PUBLIC ADDRESS 01/11/05 - Rumour and Fact
Rumour and fact | Nov 01, 2005 11:22
Russell Brown's Hard News
This rumour comes to you entirely without warranty, but from a fairly good source. There will be a New Zealand iTunes store very early next year - perhaps even on January 1, 2006. I'm not sure exactly what the hold-up is, but presumably negotiations are continuing...,
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Bloody Halloween | Nov 01, 2005 08:48
GUEST: David Haywood on his doorstep
"The thing that irks me about the whole Halloween business," I said, "is that it's such an overt demonstration of American cultural imperialism. It's not that I don't like handing out chocolate and sweets. It's just that I don't like doing it in a way that's been imposed on my...,
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Nagged To Death | Nov 01, 2005 08:34
David Slack on his own account
So. Farewell Then Ian Fraser "Sold to the man talking to himself." That was your catchphrase In a TV commercial for The BNZ. You stood in an auction ring As you spoke to us With your back ...,
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A hypothetical question | Nov 01, 2005 00:13
Keith Ng on the election trail
If I called Wayne Mapp cognitively-challenged, would he have to demand that I call him "retarded"? (Worst. Post. Ever.),

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