Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings - 21 September 2005

Published: Thu 22 Sep 2005 09:43 AM
Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...
1: ELECTION '05: Special Vote Calculator
Special vote caclulator By Douglas Bagnall Click to view....
2: Helen Clark and Winston Peters meet
The two leaders confirmed their understanding of Mr Peters’ Rotorua speech on 7th September 2005, in which he set out the position New Zealand First would take to ensure stable government for the next term of Parliament.
3: Kevin List: What's Dunne Got Against The Greens?
Last evening United Future leader Peter Dunne took a leaf out of his good friend National leader Don Brash's campaigning book and explained on TVNZ's Close Up at Seven that the Green Party's worldview was not that of the 'mainstream'.
4: The Fundamentalist Shadow of George W. Bush
“How do you find a lion that has swallowed you?” asked Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, commenting on the moral dilemma posed by the “shadow,” his insightful term for the dark, hidden side of the human psyche. The answer to Jung’s questions is “you can’t ...
5: Nat caucus shares Labour's disquiet over campaign
Labour's disquiet about the nature of National's election campaign was confirmed today by rumblings in the National party caucus, Steve Maharey said.
6: Pakeha seek Treaty protection
National Party Education spokesman Bill English says Pakeha, Pasifika and new migrant students are using the Treaty of Waitangi to stop the caretaker government expelling them from the wananga.
7: Stirling Newberry: What's Left?
Over the weekend, two of the core industrialized nations voted in national elections, and they were joined by New Zealand, which, if it is not a major economic player, is still among the world's most advanced economies. The lens of left and right does ...
8: Rice IV With Time Magazine Editorial Board
QUESTION: Many of my colleagues, I know, are going to ask questions about North Korea and Iraq and things like that, but I thought I'd start off a little differently and talking a little bit about the President and race. Obviously, the hurricane -- ...
9: Carter/Baker Report Can’t Face Stolen '04 Election
The stolen elections of 2000, 2002 and 2004 are nowhere to be found in the milquetoast Carter-Baker Report now passing for wisdom on America’s broken electoral system.
10: Public Address: My Part In Philip Field's Downfall
Yellow Peril returns to Tilegate: Why? 1. Seeing bloggers use 'Taito' as Phillip Field's first name (it's a matai title guys) is driving me crazy. 2. My growing suspicion that I personally declined Sunan Siriwan refugee status to start with.....
11: Cuba Addresses UN On Millennium Declaration
Speech: This meeting was called for the purpose of reviewing the progress that has been made “towards the commitments articulated in the UN Millennium Declaration” and “in the implementation of the outcomes and commitments of the major UN Conferences ...
12: Greens build bridges with businesses
The Green Party is moving swiftly to allay fears in the business community about the role the Greens could play in the next government.
13: Mark Drolette: Hate America? You Bet - This One
“I have seen the face of God!” No, this is not George W. Bush’s daily affirmation upon looking in the mirror each morning after coming to/transmogrifying/getting up (though it could be, I guess), but rather the rapturous exclamation from Howard Beale ...
15: Peters Asks Herald To Stop Lying
New Zealand First Leader Rt Hon Winston Peters has reiterated his call for the NZ Herald to cease its long running exercise in deception. Mr Peters was responding to a front page article in today’s Herald, which states that he ‘had still not returned ...
16: Fidel Castro Speech: Henry Reeve Brigade
Speech delivered by Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz, President of the Republic of Cuba, at the foundation ceremony of the ‘Henry Reeve’ International Contingent of Doctors Specialized in Disaster Situations and Serious Epidemics, and the national graduation ...
17: NASA Releases Plans for Next-Generation Spacecraft
NASA Administrator Michael Griffin on September 19 released a plan for the next generation of spacecraft to take humans back to the moon and to Mars.
18: The New Believers: the Good and Bad News
Today's new believers are re-imagining God to embrace the self-help movement, the Westernisation of Buddhism and environmentalism.
19: Atlantic Fisheries Crisis A Warning For Pacific
As major fishing nations sit down around the table in Estonia, today to further divide up the dwindling fish stocks of the once rich waters of the Northwest Atlantic, Greenpeace warned that the same could happen to Pacific fisheries.
20: BOP deficit shows risks in National’s policies
“The sharp deterioration in the current account reinforces my warnings about the risks in National’s election policies,” Finance Minister Michael Cullen said today.
21: UK "Undercover Soldiers" Driving Booby Trapped Car
The following Reuters report raises some disturbing questions. Why were undercover British soldiers wearing traditional Arab headscarves firing at Iraqi police? The incident took place just prior to a major religious event in Basra.
22: Sunday Times Wrong On Mental Health And Cannabis
The UK's Sunday Times recently published an article headed "Mental problems soar among children using cannabis" which had claimed "THE number of children treated for mental disorders caused by smoking cannabis has quadrupled since the government ...
23: Ernest Partridge: Who Lost New Orleans?
“If some people are foolish enough to live below sea level, or in flood plains, or in earthquake zones, why should the rest of us bail them out when an expected disaster strikes?”
24: Korean finds mechanism Parkinson's disease
A research team led by a Korean scientist in the U.S. has found enzymatic activities that cause neuropsychosis, opening the way for treatment of diseases such as depression and Parkinson's.
25: Business Organisations Will Need To Raise Game
Business Organisations Will Need To Raise Their Game to be Effective in the Emerging MMP Era
26: NRT: Don't Raise The Threshold - Lower It
Writing in the Herald this morning, Philip Temple argues that it is time to fine-tune MMP . He first argues that it is too easy for small parties to gain representation, and that therefore the one electorate rule (which allows parties to dodge the threshold ...
27: NZ Soldiers - Treated As Nuclear Guinea Pigs
In 1957 the UK goverment, with the collaboration of the NZ government, deliberately and knowingly exposed UK and NZ servicemen and their future descendants to nuclear radiation, resulting in disease, suffering, pain, genetic damage and eventual death. ...
28: Evangelicals in Venezuela: Long Bizarre History
• Vice President Rangel leads a campaign for anti-evangelical vigilance as the Robertson affair reminds him and the nation of the suspect activities of the New Tribes Mission decades ago.
29: Radical Youth welcome our new overlords
The spectacle that was the General Election has been and gone, your obedient and doting youth are still as marginalized as ever.
30: Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings - 20 September 2005
Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...
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