PUBLIC ADDRESS 23/12/04 - Changes

Published: Thu 23 Dec 2004 02:01 PM
PUBLIC ADDRESS 23/12/04 - Changes
So long, Dick. Hello, Bob. | Dec 23, 2004
GUEST: James Littlewood in the culture
I think the stress of swapping houses is over-rated. I've never lost a spouse, but I've lost a sibling, and you can take it from me that moving house is much, much less stressful than that...,
Mafiosa | Dec 22, 2004
Che Tibby's view from Melbourne
Almighty I'm exhausted. Knackered. Fifteen days straight working as a dishpig is nothing but hard work. Luckily a fellow dishy who needs cash demanded to work Tuesday, so I have the night off. There's an outside chance I'm going to sit out by the mint garden and sink my new...,

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