Public Address 10/12/04 - Now, Then, Everywhere

Published: Fri 10 Dec 2004 02:25 PM
PUBLIC ADDRESS 10/12/04 - Now, then, everywhere
The Liberal Lollyscramble | Dec 10, 2004 11:34
Russell Brown's Hard News
The most extraordinary thing about yesterday's Ahmed Zaoui bail decision is surely the frank disdain expressed by the Supreme Court for the Crown's evidence - or lack thereof - that Zaoui would constitute a danger on the streets of Auckland...,
Channel surfing | Dec 10, 2004 09:57
Graham Reid's many things
At last living up to this column's title, here are some random thoughts from the internal playlist. Home entertaining: Summer's coming and we all know what that means: barbecues. And women columnists banging on about blokes and their barbies, some of them pretending to great psychological insight by comparing the...,
The Singers of Loneliness | Dec 10, 2004 09:22
Great New Zealand Argument: Robin Hyde, 1938
Written from memory, a long way from home, and in the midst of a war, Robin Hyde's 'The Singers of Loneliness' is a something of a letter in a bottle. This impassioned assessment of New Zealand literature - an account of "what has been saved, what thrown away, and what...,
All I need is the air that I breathe ... | Dec 10, 2004 08:56
GUEST Gemma Gracewood from Wellington
The sky won't fall in New Zealand this weekend. Instead, we'll be partying hard with our gay and marriage-averse straight mates, and waking with clean hair and clothes that smell only of sweat and spilt champagne...,
Don't Look Back | Dec 09, 2004 21:27
David Slack on his own account
In my experience, if you have a promotion, the last thing you should be is subtle. So let me see how blunt I can get. In this blog you will find out how you can win an Ipod for Christmas from your pals at Public Address...,
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