Dave Taggart: A Letter To An American Friend

Published: Fri 12 Nov 2004 10:52 AM
Dave Taggart: A Letter to an American friend
Hi mate,
It's been a week since the 'election' and still the ''We was robbed'' mantra dominates every Internet site I regularly visit. Truthfully, I wasn't surprised at the result - pissed off, yes - but, deep down, not surprised; were you? The 'election' was stolen when the first few people were denied the right to vote; all the other neocon actions merely compounded the fraud.
For the last four years, people have been predicting a stolen election and why it would happen. BushCo are megalomaniacs; that's a given. They would do *anything* to remain in power, including faking terrorist attacks, so rigged voting procedures is par for the course. That KerryCo caved so easily just shows how close the 'Bonesmen' really are. The old motto of 'honour amongst thieves' springs to mind; the Brotherhood would never go against one of their own. The Democratic Party elite are every bit as crooked as Bush's base; why *would* they be any different? Each 'side' has the same core values; social control and maximising profit. Think about the shit-load of money *given* to this handful of people; $6 BILLION!!! And that's just the money stated in the media, it's bound to be a lot more than that - double entry bookkeeping is a corporation's best friend. Do you really think any of those slimy Armani-suited scuzzballs give a flying fuck about anyone outside their gated communities?
The Uber-Party, the one that *really* pulls the strings, are the mega-financiers - supranational corporate capitalists who need a cowed, fear-filled mass of powerless nonentities endlessly 'consuming' their over-priced worthless crap. This includes the media, from the little-town affiliate to the Hollywood 'blockbuster' pap-machine and all points in between. Do you recall Rutherford Hayes words from more than a century ago, "this is a nation for corporations by corporations"? Now, it's a world for corporations ruled by corporations. Well, it's been like that for a long time, now it's blatant.
I'm not being cynical here, nor am I feeling any anger; I'm being as real with you as I can. This isn't a "vast right-wing conspiracy", because, at the apex there *is* no left or right. Party politics is a cyclical game to distract the masses and give them the illusion that they have some real say in how the world works. The events of November 3rd have finally stripped away the veils of that illusion (if people have the guts to look) and exposed the truth; it was rigged, just like the last one and it follows Strauss' blueprint to the letter; Strauss was an ultra-rightwing 'thinker' whose beliefs were co-opted by Rove, Perle, Rumsfeld et al.
Now, millions of people are being sucked into the next act in the performance, seeking 'proof' of the crime. Even if a mountain of 'proof' was uncovered, do you think any Judge is going to risk himself or his family being 'Wellstoned' in an effort to follow due process? There is no need for a post-mortem. 'Democracy' is well and truly dead at the hands of a bunch of megalomaniacs who dress in Blue *and* Red (and not just in the US).
However, the 'pundits' will continue to pore over the entrails and the side-show will continue as long as there are rubes to be dazzled by their 'insights'. While that is happening, BushCo will continue to abrogate the rights of not just you, but me too. It's not as if they have any 'worthy' opposition; all so-called 'democratic' governments are hooking into high-tech surveillance and truncating civil rights at a speed that blows me away. And who is opposing it? No-one with any serious cash or political clout. Why? Because there's untold money to be made in the anti-Rights business.
What to do? I don't yet know, but I'm damned sure that I will not support them either here or anywhere else. If I'm going down, I will "not go gently into that good night", as some poet wrote. Now, more than ever, one's moral code will all that can be depended upon, because, just like the 'boom times' of the stock market, the amoral will do anything at all to get what they want. Again mate, I'm not at all angry - I released all that days ago. I'm just saying what I truly think *and* feel.
Stay strong mate, and resolve to stick to what you know is true, regardless of the mass insanity of being in 'the belly of the Beast',
Until later,
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