Steven Gray DVD Review: Goodfellas - Special Ed.

Published: Fri 12 Nov 2004 06:30 AM

Steven Gray DVD Review
Goodfellas - Special Edition: (1990) (R16) (M)

Since Warner Bros Home Video initially released 'Goodfellas' in a cheap flippable disc package, this re-release is way overdue. Not just because it is the best mob movie ever made - if it wasn't for Goodfellas, there would be no 'The Sopranos', and what fun it is spotting the actors who have small parts in 'Goodfellas', but huge roles on 'The Sopranos'.
Not just because it features the last good performance from Robert De Niro, but the whole cast is uniformly good. Not just because the violence is so well used in the film, but every scene has the feeling that at any second anything could happen.
Not just because it has one of the best soundtracks ever, but Martin Scorsese has always used music very effectively in his movies (he also directed the best concert film, ever, 'The Last Waltz').
Not just because it has the best tracking shot, which goes for about 4 minutes and has never been repeated in cinema. Just because, you should see this film, as it is one of the best ever made about the Mafia. Hire it now.

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