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Published: Tue 26 Oct 2004 11:16 AM
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"Welcome to my World"- Dr. Philip Zelikow
By Fiske Smith
After witnessing the excruciating travails of fellow 9/11 activists trying to make a difference, I now have more first hand experience of what a monster all of us face, and how much respect and admiration I have for people Like Carol Brouillet ,Gypsy, Kyle Hence, Ken Jenkins, Mark Robinowtz, Stephan Dinan, Evan Daiel Ravitz, Nick Levis, Catherine Austin Fitts, Micheal Dietrick, Celestine, Phil Berg, Barrie Zwicker, etc. etc. (and all the other brave souls I forgot to mention).
Having committed myself to 9/11 activism in the past I have reluctantly stayed away for months. I've read e-mails, letters and other correspondence from the 9/11 community and just wanted to hide. Trivial issues, coalitions, one-upmanship seemed to me the order of the day. A big back-biting ego trip I thought. I saw committed citizens late at night on C-Span speak-up at the Kean Commission hearings, others spending tireless hours tabling, demonstrating, and organizing fund raisers. Others contorted in stupid interpretation issues with seemingly endless response.
But yesterday as I attended and videotaped the presentation of Dr. Philip Zelikow in association with the World Affairs Council at Stanford University it came clear to me what we face. Manners are terrorized. Emotion is corralled. Academia is subsidized
I got to the event early....I parked my car close to Kresge Hall. I surveyed the auditorium and was sure that some security official would nix my flimsy credentials for entry and taping. Instead, a very courteous lady named Courtney simply asked where I was from."The North Bay". That was good enough. The good news is that some goon with an ear piece didn't ask me to leave. But as the event went on I realized why. It isn't necessary any more. The audience is the Sheppard, and anyone who wants to speak out is held in check by status quo.
The program proceeded with a stern warning from the moderating panel that no questions would be taken from the audience until the end of Dr. Zelikow's presentation. After the laudatory intro, Dr. Zelikow launched into the most audacious pack of lies and explanations of the findings from his fraudulent commission findings. The audience was spellbound, as this meticulously dressed preppie expounded on a confounding litany of confusion and academic wish wash, periodically sweeping back his meticulously coiffed hair in a motion reminiscent of Hitler.
Then, miraculously, Gypsy the San Francisco public access goddess, sitting in the front row bravely stood up, blew a loud whistle and tore this guy's ass! Dr. Zelikow ducked behind the podium, assumed his cowardly position and feigned disgust as the Stanford moderating panel steeped forward protecting the delicate Dr. Zelikow. With the help of unidentified security agents Gypsy was escorted out of the building, her trailing, screaming pleas of Building 7, government complicity, resonating to a cowering audience, with a few brave souls shouting "RIGHT ON" and "IT'S THE TRUTH. This was the moment Dr. Philip Zelikow was waiting for. "Welcome to my World" he said to the laughing audience.
Think about that "Welcome to My World"..... What about OUR WORLD. Look what you've done to "OUR WORLD" Dr Zelikow. Phony terrorism, fraudulently debate, and destruction of the truth.... And you have the nerve to say that someone like Gypsy has altered your life!
It wasn't long after that when Carol Brouillet, our poster lady for dissent, poised in the back stood up and delivered her barrage, bravely standing, shouting and quivering until the last moment when the men in black silenced her and politely showed her the door as the audience, our Stanford intelligentsia, including me, politely gave Dr Zelikow a concentration camp repose to pick up on his erroneous agenda.
It was at this point that I almost got physically sick. How could I sit here and let this man expound such garbage. How was it that all these intelligent people in the audience would sit and politely reinforce such nonsense.....I packed it up and left.....
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