Public Address 12/11/03 - First Drafts, Last Words

Published: Wed 12 Nov 2003 12:43 AM
PUBLIC ADDRESS 12/11/03 - First drafts, last words
End of the world ... | Nov 12, 2003 12:16
Russell Brown's Hard News
I got an email yesterday that stopped me cold. Public Address uses web-based feedback forms so as to avoid having our individual email addresses harvested by spambots. Yesterday, I got some spam. Via the feedback form...,
Good to Goethe | Nov 11, 2003 15:40
Chad Taylor in the Muse Lounge
Deborah Coddington sounds like a load, although I sympathise with the embarrassment of a leaked synopsis. If (as Ernest Hemingway said) all first drafts are sh*t then an outline is the equivalent of dropping your pants first...,

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