Scoop Has Feedback (2)

Published: Thu 23 Oct 2003 10:12 AM
Scoop Has Feedback (2)
Supreme Court
On this Supreme Court issue, Thoreau: "For every thousand hacking at the leaves of evil - there is one striking at the root." If opposition parties really care about the Rule of Law and Freedom then they'd be more concerned with the root of evil, i.e. the absence of true popular sovereignty (secured by a real constitution - one which is truly supreme and binding law).
Our freedom and safety lies in a republican system, based on a supreme and binding constitution, upheld by informed and virtuous citizens.
Enduring freedom and safety doesn’t come from any court. We have parliamentary sovereignty instead of popular sovereignty. So even the Privy Council can't protect Kiwis' freedom or rights. The role of judges is merely to interpret the law (the "intention of the legislature").
We need popular sovereignty - through republicanism.
With the flawed MMP system, parliamentary sovereignty becomes de facto monopoly as the majority party’s leadership clique control their party’s List MP’s.
Q: Do the opposition parties want to retain the parliamentary sovereignty system so that if they come into power, they too can exercise unrestrained power and behave like despots and monarchs - passing whatever unjust and unpopular laws they deem fit – without the restraints and safeguards of real constitutionalism (and republicanism)?
We need republican principles and we can only obtain and secure them by a) having a constitutional convention, b) thereby drafting and adopting a supreme and binding constitution.
Republicanism is the root issue - the mother principle of freedom.
Yours faithfully
Paul de Wet – Auckland
Paul Holmes is a cheeky little whity and should be ashamed of himself
White House Leak
Looks like a job for Bush's Homeland Security Dept. With all those billions you would think they'd be able to track down which phone was used in the White house by the traitor who revealed the identity of a top CIA Weapons of Mass Destruction covert agent for their own personal gain. Seems like a perfect job to justify department's existance. If this doesn't fit, what does?
George Jenney – USA
No Truth on Talkback Radio
Local radio station, Newstalk zb, host, Leighton Smith broadcast an anti-Arab joke, on the same day that Paul Holmes made his, now infamous comments. I spoke to the station manager Bill Francis and laid a complaint. On the basis that I was sure that Smith would NOT make a similar joke about Israel. Mr Francis felt sure that would not be the case...I faxed a joke to Mr Smith who told me over the air "If you want to tell jokes..GET YOUR OWN RADIO STATION" It would appear that Mr smith is a bigot who will not have a word said against the government of Israel, regardless of the terror they are inflicting on the people of Palestine.
Kevin – Auckland, NZ
Peter Dunne
So you guys don't like Peter Dunne? and I see you have voted him slime minister. He's probably in the last 50 I would vote as that. Whatever happened to unbiased professional journalism?? I notice there isn't much in the way of derogatory remarks about Labour. Funny that??? I see your main colouring is in red too??? Wonder whose tune you march to? Doesn't take a rocket scientist does it?
Linda Hobden – NZ
Schwarzenegger slur his way to the top
Not everyone in the U.S. enjoyed watching Schwarzenegger slur his way to the top in California (but we agree that Californians deserve him) we searched for a little humor in the aftermath, and found some....
Steve - Editor,
Dead democracy
With regard to the way our Parliament is being held to ransom by this minority government I totally agree with the recent statement of the Herald’s Editor-in-chief.
"The Herald continues to hold the view that the Supreme Court Bill represents a fundamental change to the legal and constitutional systems of New Zealand. The Government lacks a credible mandate to pass the legislation and the proposal for selection of judges is too narrowly based. - Editor-in-chief.”
This Government has no mandate to pass this legislation. The arrogant Prime Minister and her unelected sister Margaret Wilson pushing “THEIR” own agendas are a disgrace to the civilised world. This minority government’s policies are further evidence of a democracy gone wrong.
The elected members of this cynical government should be ashamed at their lack of integrity, if they allow the Supreme Court proposal to proceed. These people who are meant to be our servants obviously have no principles. Wake up New Zealanders.
FS McIntyre - NZ
Scoop's coverage of War and image archives.
Thank you for maintaining your archive of images that show exactly what happens when cowards fly warplanes over modern cities and discharge munitions without thinking of the innocents below.
Keep up the good work
David Warrender
Libertarianz Are Out Of Touch
Dear Editor,
I’m afraid the Libertarianz party are out of touch. They are starting to sound like a bunch of old fuddy-duddies with an attitude reminiscent of my grandfathers generation. Ignorant to contemporary coherent thought, constrained by their own inflexible rigidities and ostensibly dictated to by flawed Randian philosophy. There version of individualism is the part of the problem with our society, not the solution.
Recent whinging rhetorical illogic displayed by Stephen Berry, Deputy leader of Libertarianz serves only to remind us all why nobody really takes this party seriously, let alone vote for them come election time.
“Smokers should get mad and get even” in response to further possible government controls on smoking according to Berry. Part of the problem it seems according to the Libertarianz party is possible increased warning sizes, warning picture and new wording on your pack of fags. This, it appears is offensive to the Libertarianz.
Interestingly they may have a point, if SMOKING KILLS written in a 20 point font on a box of cheroots doesn't get the message across I wonder how a 22 point font will. Similarly though, just how the wording being a little larger could cause more offense or restrict the freedom of a Libertarainz smoker is perplexing. There seems to be plenty of anecdotal evidence that smokers take little heed of warnings on ciggie packs. For Libertarianz perhaps it annoyingly distracts from the overall aesthetic experience and look of the pack as one extracts the coffin nail from it.
Berry also complains about tax rises on the cancer sticks. I suspect the government’s rationale here is two fold, firstly it is an effort to dissuade people from taking up smoking due to the inhibitory cost of a pack, secondly an effort to offset the cost of smoking related illnesses requiring hospitalisation or other medical care. An alternative solution to this might be for Libertarianz smokers to pay for their own medical expenses whilst they die of the cancers and other conditions associated with smoking. Additionally Libertarianz could pay a levy which could be paid out to those who had to endure the irritating stench and medical side affects of the smokers public habits.
As to who is going to reimburse me in regard to my abdicated right in being able to breath clean air without it being polluted by the rancid tang of a Libertarianz fag smoker is anybodies guess. By some bizarre twist of logic, according to Berry, the inability of smokers to happily puff away in a public place is a “property violation”. By the same twist one might argue that the rights of a murderer are impinged by his victims claim to life.
Berry is also upset at having to endure television images of “blood clots”, presumably caused by smoking. I can understand this, it’s a bit like having to watch a documentary depicting cattle being slaughtered while you’re trying to enjoy a nice bit of fillet steak. My suggestion to Berry is to change channels, alternatively sit a bucket of sand next to your favorite TV watching chair.
We all advocate freedom, but the freedom peddled by Libertarianz seems to be both individualistic, selfish and naïve, one devoid of the concept of utility. Maybe Libertarianz could publish a policy document outlining the overall individual and social benefits that are attributed to smoking, thus reminding us why it is such a good idea that we all take it up.
I suggest something like over 95% of the cost of treating smoking related diseases in New Zealand is borne by the taxpayer, premature deaths cost our economy and this doesn’t even start to address the pain and suffering family and friends have to bear. In examining the unquantifiable human cost alone smoking stands indicted.
Regards Steve McKinlay - NZ
John Chuckman's Arnold Schwartzenegger mockups
I find John Chuckman's poster pasting Arnold Schwartzenegger's head onto Hitler's body to be blatanly offensive and racist. It assumes that all Austrians have a Nazi streak. This is disgusting. It is also a non sequitur, no more so than pasting, say Gray Davis's head onto George Bush's body because they are both American politicians with a habit of running deficits. Given the huge amount of correspondence you received over the Paul Holmes scandal I am expecting consistency from my fellow readers in similar numbers expressing their outrage. Well, you would think so, wouldn't you? But perhaps I am being optimistic about the consistency of the many so-called liberal thinkers who visit the Scoop website.
Yours sincerely, Blair Mulholland – NZ
Paul Holmes
No, he shouldn't be sacked. Do parts of our population no longer comprehend what "irony" is all about? This matter indicts political-correctness - and its obvious consequences on this nation's intellects.
Jim Cable
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