Top 10 Other Things TVNZ Should Apologise For

Published: Fri 3 Oct 2003 02:56 PM
Top 10 other things TVNZ should apologise for
1. Not declaring its spending on TV1 News as a donation to the Labour Party in its annual financial statements.
2. Three words: Kim Hill Sung.
3. Spending taxpayers' money on the upcoming DNZ documentary: Celebrity Wives Talk About Their Butts.
4. Not getting Pharmac approval for 'Edwards at Large' given that it rivals full-strength Mogadon.
5. Featuring artists like Colin McCahon on The Big Art Trip, while ignoring the "highly successful and competent" people's painter, Helen Clark.
6. Not delivering Pam Corkery her pink slip from The Last Word in five pieces, given that she finds that form "hysterical".
7. Having way frumpier weather girls than TV3.
8. Not allowing their newsreaders to use performance enhancing drugs like TV3 does.
9. The cruel and unusual punishment that was Pam Corkery.
10. Failure to recognise and celebrate Phil Leishman's 75th birthday.
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St Molesworth
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