Worldwide Peace Mobilisation - F15 Full Coverage

Published: Tue 18 Feb 2003 10:19 AM
NZers Deliver “No War” Message Loud and Clear


A World United Against War! - Feb 15th
New York - Dublin - Auckland - Antarctica
All We Are Saying Is Give Peace A Chance - A million marched in Rome, 1.3 milion paraded in Barcelona, two million in Madrid, a half million in London, 250,000 in New York. From Canberra to Cape Town, from Karachi to Chicago, from Wellington to Warsaw, millions of stern, defiant, impassioned and vocal people turned out across the world on Saturday urging peace not war. Maree Howard writes. See... Howard's End: Peace Message Clear To World Govts
PM Insults Thousands of Anti-War Kiwis: GPJA - Over the weekend the Prime Minister dismissed the protests by tens of thousands of New Zealanders in 20 centres yesterday as "not as large" as those from previous issues in the past. See... Deep Insult to Anti-War Kiwis from Prime Minister
PM’s Just One of the Flock: Harré - Alliance Leader, Laila Harré told a Peace Concert in Auckland today that if Blair and Howard were playing America’s poodles over Iraq Prime Minister Helen Clark was taking the part of the sheep. See... Alliance says people will lead if Clark doesn’t
- Greens - Fitzsimons to PM: This is our Vietnam
- United Future -Copeland: Let's push for peace
Firas Al-Atraqchi: Heading Off The Hawks - Friday's U.N. Security Council briefing by UNMOVIC head Blix and IAEA head Al-Baradei allowed the world a short reprieve from talk of war. The condemning report and evidence the U.S. and U.K delegations had been hoping for from the inspectors never materialized and a new U.N. resolution draft authorizing war was called off for the interim. See... Firas Al-Atraqchi: Time For Iraq To Act
Scoop Image: Rose Carriers On Stilts - A Photograph From Wellington's Peace March With Poem... See... Scoop Image & Poem: United In Peace
Scoop Editorial: People Deliver “No War” Message Loud and Clear - A 10,000-strong Anti-War march led by Global Peace and Justice Auckland [GPJA] delivered a peaceful “No War’ message to the New Zealand public, the Government, and to Auckland City’s commerce/retail heart. Thousands more lined the street offering support... See... Thousands March in Auckland Against USA War
See... Indymedia Aotearoa
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GPJA Protest Calls For NZ Govt Opposition To USA War - The Auckland No War march took place earlier this afternoon and in the resolutions enthusiastically endorsed by the crowd (police estimate 10,000 people) called on the PM to actively oppose American plans to invade Iraq and withdraw our frigate and Orion from the Gulf. See... Protest Insists Govt Must "Actively Oppose" US War
MORE:SCOOP PHOTO-ESSAYS: Scoop captures images from today’s protest rally in Auckland… People Power - New Zealand Citizens Say No to War - Photo-Essay 2 – People Power: No to War - Images of the Wellington protest - Images of Wellington’s anti-War Protest March and Scoop Images: Wellington Mobilises Against The War
Greenpeace Flies Anti-War Flag Above Americas Cup Races - Auckland, Greenpeace flew an 18 by 6 metre 'No War, Peace Now' banner above the opening of the America's Cup yacht challenge today to promote peace, as protest against a war in Iraq spread around the world. See... Giant NO WAR banner over the America's Cup race ALSO: - Greenpeace - Anti War video - WARNING: Horrific Reality of War
Everyone Was Invited: Anti-War March at Midday Sat Feb 15 - Anti-war protests took place in at least 20 centres around New Zealand as part of more than 500 protests internationally against American plans to invade Iraq. See... Sat Feb 15th - Anti-War Action in 20 NZ Centres
- CTU Issues Letter To USA War Mongers - A Council of Trade Unions delegation today delivered a letter to US Ambassador Swindells calling on President Bush to abandon the crusade for war against Iraq, and to seek a diplomatic solution through the UN. See... CTU Calls on Bush to Abandon War Crusade
- PMA - National: what's on where
- GPJA Newsletter #22 - Global Peace And Justice Auckland Newsletter #22
- Amnesty Calls On NZ Govt to Take a Stand - Amnesty International has called on the New Zealand Government to work for the plight of the people of Iraq and surrounding countries to be put firmly on the UN Security Council's agenda during a special open session next week. See... HR On Front Line In Iraq: Call For NZ Action
Millions To March Against War – Links Galore! - As of 14th of February (NZT) folk in 603! locations around the world (including Antarctica!) had registered their intention to protest on February 15th against war in Iraq. This weekend’s protests are expected to be the biggest ever public mobilisation against war. See... Scoop Links: A WORLD UNITED AGAINST WAR!
- Fiji Anti-War Movement - Flowers of peace to Embassies - Fiji Anti War Move
- East Timor - East Timor Demonstration Against the War in Iraq
- Greens - Greens urge big turn-out for peace
- Jennifer Van Bergen: The March - February 15th
- Greenpeace CTU Joint Letter to PM on Iraq
- Wellington Anti-War Action This Saturday
- Young Labour - USA: Stick with the United Nations way
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