HARD NEWS 18/12/02 - New Things!

Published: Wed 18 Dec 2002 02:41 PM
Hi folks,
I'm pleased to announce that CactusLab have turned on two cool new features for Public Address.
One is in response to the *only* complaint we've had about the site design: the text size. Well, now, thanks to the miracle of style sheets, there is a 'Change text size' toggle on every page. It really works, even in IE/Windows.
The other is the new feedback forms, which let you email us without us having to expose our addresses to filthy spam harvesters. The forms are page-specific - so the one on the Muse Lounge page will send mail to Chad, Hard News to me, and so on. The one on the home page is for comments about the site as a whole and the email will go to me.
You will also doubtless notice the arrival of our first offshore blogger, Jolisa Gracewood, who's in New York. She was clearly born to blog.
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Unhappy Endings | Dec 18, 2002 09:35
Russell Brown's Hard News
The stories of his surpassing patience and dedication are legion. He shepherded home one of the great movie projects with barely a cross word. So I suppose it's logical that there should be one issue on which Peter Jackson well and truly vents: and that is the Film Commission...,
Excitable buoy | Dec 17, 2002 18:53
Now playing in the Muse Lounge
As I write this the last race of the Louis Vuitton Cup semifinal round has finished... but is also still going. A good 10 minutes have passed since Prada crossed the line first and, therefore, lost to OneWorld, the winners of this "best of four" round because they're up 3-2 and there's no time left. I think I have that right. The TV One commentators variously labelled today's race disappointing and a race of no ...,
Ready, aim, type... | Dec 17, 2002 18:03
Jolisa Gracewood in NYC
As a very small cog in the vast, grinding literary-industrial complex, I’m always happy when literature makes the front page. The big prizes, and the juicy backstories (like the hints of plagiarism that surround Yann Martel, the winner of this year’s Booker prize), the public dustup between Oprah and would-be literary heavyweight Jonathan Franzen … it all helps minor lit-crit types like me feel like we’re part of a ...,
The 6 perfections | Dec 16, 2002 18:29
Debra Daley's astral plane
Since I started posting this weblog a few acquaintances have said to me that they had no idea I was so into - well - the Eastern thing so - well - heavily. They are looking at me sideways. What I think about the 6 Buddhist Perfections and the 8 limbs (ashtanga) of yoga is that they are a code of behaviour and a clear-eyed mentality rather than a religion. And the meditative suits my ...,

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