John Kaminski: The New Resistance

Published: Tue 17 Dec 2002 02:10 PM
The New Resistance
By John Kaminski
Fingers of frost creep across our December windows as we fire up our computers long before dawn to check the latest atrocity from Washington, the latest affront to the honesty and dignity of the human race. I imagine that me and my circle of Internet friends must be somewhat like the French Resistance of its time, spreading the latest rumors of war and trying to debunk false charges of terror laid at our feet by men who pretend to be our leaders but who are really the stooges of a foreign power, an alien menace even, these soulless men who run the banks, keep us in chains, and obliterate our Constitution in the process.
Perhaps the Resistance analogy is a little overdrawn. I mean, we don't have Nazi storm-troopers bearing down on us with guns drawn ... yet. Although there was an incident in Eugene, Oregon the other day ....
The new Resistance is definitely online, checking out the latest tirade from a new cadre of great writers, great pursuers of liberty, Arundhati Roy in India, Chris Floyd in Moscow, Mike Ruppert in Los Angeles, Al Giordano in Caracas and voices from a thousand principled stops in between. The new Resistance is checking out Web radio — Jeff Rense, Alex Jones, Meria Heller and many others — because there you can hear what's actually happening, not what corporate banker radio would like you to believe is going on with fascist phonies like Rush Limbaugh and the prominent Moonie, Pat Robertson.
The new revolution is you and me, and is definitely not being reported in the newspapers, who keep telling us Bush's popularity is at an all-time high and give us not a whisper that the evil men in the White House who are allowed to keep their lucrative secrets by judges who rule against the people's right to know are the very same men who appointed those very same judges, a rancid closed circle of horror that lets the guilty rich go free and jails poor innocents without trial, without phone call, without hope.
Each day a new horror, stories eagerly passed around from computer to computer, from state to state and country to country. Just when we thought it would be hard to top the Wellstone incident for sheer horror — oh, the FAA can't figure out what happened; well, WE all instantly figured out what happened! — along comes the Kissinger debacle. Henry Kissinger to ferret out what really happened on 9/11. Well, if my name isn't Ho Chi Minh! And just when we think Kissinger can't be topped as an outrage to freedom and justice, the lead story in my Sunday paper yesterday was Bush declaring he can kill whomever he wants to merely on his own say so.
This is what America has come to — making lists of people who can be killed on the spot.
First Bush passed a law saying he could keep people in jail without trial and without lawyer and without phone call merely on the say so of any of his totally corrupt functionaries; now he's graduated to saying he can kill anyone he pleases merely on whim — sure, sure, they'll produce "evidence," but as in the case with Iraq and this funny group named al-Qaeda (the one that nobody ever seems to be able to find until some Nazi [read: U.S. or Israel] government arrests them and releases a neatly packaged photo and bio), they don't ever have to release the "evidence", they just have to say they have it, and then Tony Blair will get up and freak out about how dangerous these folks are, the ones that they have the "evidence" against, kind of like what happened right after 9/11, when Blair insisted we had this irrefutable "evidence" against Osama bin Laden, which we still have not, by the way, seen.
And as long as I'm going in this direction, let me point something out: The real purpose of 9/11, it seems to me, was to demonize Muslims, to make public consciousness more amenable to going to war against Muslim countries. Most people have accepted the general drift of media coverage and accepted bin Laden's guilt, accepted that this was a Muslim conspiracy, Muslims who drank and went to strip clubs and used cocaine, devout Muslims who gave their lives for the holy terror against the West "because they envied our freedom."
Have you ever heard anything stupider than that assertion? Well, yes, actually — that anybody believes that story!
We must not completely forget that Osama bin Laden may not actually exist — except in the minds of war publicists. It is already a virtual certainty that this dreaded al-Qaeda bunch is actually a department of the U.S. CIA, designed to wreak fake terror in order to facilitate more oppressive laws to keep the unruly population in check.
When you start to track this whole terror suicide tangent, you run across something else that you may not have noticed and that you certainly won't read in big newspapers, especially the biggest newspaper, the New York Times. It's that long-ago Lyndon LaRouche assertion that Hamas and Islamic Jihad have received funding from Israel because they oppose the PLO; yes, that's Israel funding terror against itself.
Why would they do that? Think about it. Why were those Israelis cheering in New Jersey right after the towers were hit? Think about who benefits from terror. Think about why 9/11 really happened and why you don't read a single thing about this in the newspapers, even though it is the most important subject to be thinking about in all the world.
Well, you can bet me and my friends in the new resistance are thinking about it, every day and at all times. Let's face it: Nazi bankers have taken over the world and are trying to turn every country into a combination of plantation run by them and concentration camp containing us. George W. Bush wants every country in the world to be exactly like Honduras, where the killer villains are in charge, ordinary people have no say, and rich criminals far away steal the bulk of that country's value and the local populace is drugged or bludgeoned into silence. That is, as they say, the Republican message of today.
America is making war on its own people, and using convicted and as yet uncaught criminals to do it: felon John Poindexter tracking the secret facts of Americans. Now that is simply Hitlerian. John Ashcroft is a felon who simply has not yet been arrested.
And George W. Bush? You want the list? (Note the number of death penalty offenses he has committed!) How about starting with military desertion in time of war? Of course, there is the cocaine smuggling, although they say Jeb deserves most of the credit for that. And then there would be the blatant looting of banks during the S fire sales in the 1980s, although his father deserves most of the credit for that.
The most frequent criminal activity of George W. Bush, of course, would be obstruction of justice, given the people he has hired and the laws he has abrogated to further the criminal activities of his father and his friends. Are you listening, Kenny Boy? And of course, the crime we're really trying to pin on him, other than treason for his willful destruction of the Constitution, would be mass murder, both for presiding over the inside job on 9/11 and for the needless invasion of Afghanistan, just to make his pipeline plan and drug smuggling work. New charges will doubtless be available after he starts using up more military ordnance on Iraq. And who knows? The sky's the limit for this guy, truly the most evil American president ever.
And worse, it's not only the president who — if the world were a just and honest place — should be indicted for mass murder and treason, but a MAJORITY of the U.S. Congress, too, who has voted for his totalitarian initiatives ... let's just say anybody who took a contribution from Enron should now be in jail.
And right now the United States is making war, right in front of our noses, in more than a dozen countries, and on the wrong side of honor and justice — against the rights of the people — in every single case. Land of the free and the home of the brave? Shit! Land of the duped and home of the chickenshit chickenhawks! The big one is not really Afghanistan or Iraq — it's Colombia, where rapidly increasing numbers of U.S. troops are preparing for action next door in Venezuela, but also in Ecuador, Peru and Brazil, all countries in which people-power movements have broken out.
The United States, of course, has always been at war in Central America, maintaining murderous dictatorships in Guatemala, Hondurus, Nicaragua and El Salvador, where ordinary people have no chance of living decent lives. And of course you know about the continuing activities in Indonesia and the Philippines (the latter a country in which we have conducted covert operations for more than 100 years, by the way).
The farcical situation continues in the Middle East, where Nazi Eretz Israel continues its obliteration of Palestinian babies and old women — the U.S. newspapers reverse the nomenclature because they are owned by either Jews or Zionists: it's really Jewish terrorists and Palestinian freedom fighters, not the other way around, and has been so since 1948 (if not before), when the Jews first started killing the natives, stealing their land, and then changing the names of the villages, hoping no one would notice what they were doing.
And Iraq. What a horrible joke. There was no legitimate reason for the first Gulf War and there is even less justification for this one, except that Bush wants to steal their oil and the sleeping American populace, further anesthetized by the CNN/Fox daily parade of lies called "Showdown with Iraq", seems reluctant to stand in the way of this latest chapter of Christian crusade against the heathens.
That there is no evidence against Iraq is clearly reflected in Bush's attempt to come up with some new trumped up charge at least once a week. War by propaganda. America does not now nor has it ever cared who it kills, and that is the one big horror that Americans refuse to face, why the Bush cabal, and the Clinton cabal before it, get away with what they do, which is killing innocent people for profit, that's what America has always done, since the days of killing 60 million Indians.
That's what America does: it kills innocent people for money.
So ... you won't read that in most newspapers but I do hear it talked about frequently on the web, among my friends, George in Switzerland, Jeanne in Poland, Steen in Denmark, Big Bob in Sweden, Jack Riddler in Berlin, Tim in Ireland, Jared at the Hague, Rick in Azerbaijan, Zsolt in Budapest, Al in North Dakota, Rick in Arkansas, Mary in Tallahassee, Helen and Judith in New Hampshire, Dick in Yakima, Ken in Phoenix, David in Portland, Will in Vancouver, Alistair in New Zealand ... I know of hundreds and they all know of thousands and probably they all know of millions who are constantly talking about that what you read in the big newspapers are lies — that our freedom is being stolen by bankers, arms makers and politicians who would just as soon murder their own children (ritually murder, for you Bohemian Grove fans out there) as let an opportunity slip by to make a buck.
The group I know on the Internet realizes that the U.S. government sends troops to Colombia ostensibly to fight the war on drugs, but the real purpose of this effort is to ASSURE THE FLOW of drugs, not to eradicate the crop, because the feds are simply making way too much money on this crop to ever want to destroy it. The deals in Kosovo, Macedonia, the Stans and to some extent Iraq are also about this. My group knows this. The big newspaper write little about it.
The group I talk with every realizes pretty much as a group that the last U.S. election was totally fixed — the democracy is dead in the United States — because of the electronic voting machines that can be manipulated both before and after the fact — and also I think during — mean that anyone who was declared the winner in any given election last month (are you listening, Norm Coleman?) did not necessarily win that election, but there is no way to check. This goes hand-in-hand with the Patriot Act and Homeland Security Department — totally fake democracy all around. That the media and Congress approve of these measures simply means these are people who should not be listened to, never mind voted for.
People talking on the web know you shouldn't ever take a government immunization and that they real reason for them is to make lots of money for some pharmaceutical giant. We also realize that there probably is no new big medical problem today that was not developed in some black budget government lab.
So each morning, we rise before dawn, turn on our computers, and see what stories our friends and the new day will bring. Later that night, we in the new resistance still toil in front our screens, bleary-eyed, to squeeze out one more message to our friends about some organized peace activities or consumer medical alert or to beware of some new scam invented by some government PR criminal. If you have any feelings about the need for freedom and the ability to say whatever you want, we'd like you to join the new resistance. But you're going to have to have a computer.
It is the way of the real world now. The real people are on the Internet, trying to let others know about the lethal lies that are being foisted upon us at every turn. The fake people are sending press releases to totally cynical and unreliable newspapers, urging others to support the War on Terror, without really realizing (or worse, perhaps they do!) that the war on terror is really a war on freedom, perhaps their very own.
- John Kaminski is a writer who lives in Florida and spends much way too much time online.

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