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Published: Mon 11 Nov 2002 10:25 AM
In This Edition: The Dirty And Deadly Secrets Of Khamisiyah - Re: The Plane Crash That Killed Paul Wellstone - Cartoon by John Chuckman - I Believe Everything In Your Report To Be True, But... - Thank You For Al Alamein Story - Palestine - The Objective Reality - Independent "Story" On The Chrysler Hotel Decor Guy - Scoop Link: Irresistible High Court Dialogue - Letter to the Editor: Hizbollah’s Intentions
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The Dirty And Deadly Secrets Of Khamisiyah
This story was factually incorrect with regard to U.S exports, how many Gulf War vets are dying from exposure to weapons of mass destruction and who was actually responsible for the Kurdish chemical attacks.
You should be ashamed of publishing such erroneous information. But then again, I suppose that is why Scoop is universally considered a third rate information organ. I suggest you go publish in Iraq rather than New Zealand since accuracy of information is of no import their either.
Douglas Day
U.S. Citizen
Re: The Plane Crash That Killed Paul Wellstone
November 5, 2002
Open letter to Jeff Blodgett
Wellstone/Mondale Campaign
Dear Mr. Blodgett:
If there had ever been any love between the wealthy Mrs. Doe and her husband, it was long gone. They were known to disagree about everything, fought bitterly and even snubbed each other in public. Mr. Doe was often seen dining intimately with a beautiful younger woman. Everyone knew that he would be rich if his wife were to pass away.
One day while alone with Mr. Doe, Mrs. Doe died suddenly. Authorities never considered the possibility of foul play. The media immediately announced that the heiress had succumbed to natural causes. Her private physician confirmed that she had enjoyed robust physical and mental health up until her death. The medical examiner found that she had suffocated. He noted that there were bruises on her neck.
Everyone was puzzled. How could this happen? Mrs. Doe was a runner with no respiratory problems. She didn’t even smoke! And how did the bruises get on her neck?
Mr. Doe, now the happy owner of all his late wife’s properties, solemnly announced his engagement to his lover. He offered his condolences to those who had loved Mrs. Doe, saying, “May the good lord bless those who grieve.”
The mystery of Mrs. Doe’s death would never be solved.
Paul Wellstone was an extraordinarily courageous man. Does anyone in his party have the guts to acknowledge that his plane may have been sabotaged?
L. E. Lenius
Cartoon by John Chuckman
Chuckman's cartoon of November 9th is a tasteless attack on defenseless gorillas. You should be ashamed.
Bob Stevens
I Believe Everything In Your Report To Be True, But...
Dear C.D. Sludge
If we had a dem prez, house and senate, we'd be 10 times worse off than we are now. No lie.
Thank You For Al Alamein Story
I am a kiwi living in the Gulf and I have been a regular reader for some years. I use the Scoop to pick up news from home and I also like the links and commentary on topical issues.
I would particularly like to thank you for the piece yesterday on the National MP and his junket to Egypt. My father was a survivor of the battle of Al Alamein. I don't know if this story received wide coverage in NZ but I certainly would have been unlikely to have learned or it other that through your site. I agree entirely with the writers contention that the MP should be severely reprimanded for his insensitivity and misuse of an official trip.
Thank you and Regards
Catherine Hill
Palestine - The Objective Reality
Gee, Steve McKinlay, in "Palestine - The Objective Reality," touched upon just about every propaganda point regularly spewed by the Palestinians and other Islamacists.
I wonder what he thinks would have happened if, after the 1967 six-day war, the Arab belligerents hadn't said no to peace, no to recognition of Israel, and no to negotiations. Perhaps Israel would have then relinquished the Gaza and West Bank in return for peace and secure borders?
Perhaps he also forgot about the 2000 Camp David talks, where Arafat (not the Israelis) rejected a Palestinian state in the Gaza and West Bank.
Mr. McKinlay evidently is not content simply to present his opinions -- he believes he is providing "objective reality." I'm not sure what that means, but it sounds like something akin to the law of gravity. Maybe an apple hit him in the head too.
Steven Rotheim
New York, NY
Independent "Story" On The Chrysler Hotel Decor Guy
Sorry guys, it's NOT real. Miles Kington is a well-known humourist in the UK, (he used to write for Punch), and this is a joke. It's a funny column, not news.
Scoop Link: Irresistible High Court Dialogue
Dear Editor
Miles Kington being a well-known humorist rather than a court reporter, are you sure that your statement "Court TV meets Monty Python, only real" is accurate?
Michael Mellor
Letter to the Editor – Hizbollah’s Intentions
Letter to the Editor
Hizbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah , the Beirut Daily Star reported Wednesday. Speaking at a graduation ceremony, Nasrallah said that "Christian Zionists" are gaining strength in the US and that they have a powerful impact on US foreign policy.
Christian groups in America, he said, are financed by oil companies and weapons firms, and seek to encourage Jews to move to Israel and rebuild the temple in Jerusalem.
However, he said, "if they all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them world-wide."
What I find disconcerting is the lack of reporting on the Hizbollah intention.
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