Katya Rivas: Willing to Give and to Receive

Published: Fri 25 Oct 2002 09:05 AM

The Medallion of the Apostolate of the New Evangelization
The Door to Heaven - Extracts
A teaching for Man,
about his weaknesses,
limits and reach.
Cochabamba — Bolivia
Spanish Editions: 1996 and 1998
English Edition 1.1 - July 1999
The Door to Heaven – Extract No. DH-101
Whoever Loves Is Willing to Give and to Receive
The Lord
This is the last night of the year; I want you to include all these writings in the "Door to Heaven".
If we make a balance sheet of all the personal activities of each of the members of the group, we will see that some people have worked hard and conscientiously. However, if we talk about the group in general, we will see that the love and charity between you has diminished, and jealousy and envy have increased. You have been overcome by a lethargy and lack of will power that is totally undesirable for the spiritual growth of this group that began with so much love.
But I am not going to insist... and I do not want you to do so either. Everything has to work out in the end. A real group must be formed, a group that will indeed make an effort in the year that begins tomorrow. A group that is truly special, a group with humbleness of heart, sincerity and the zeal to work for My glory. A group made up of people who do not work for their own profit and worldly goods that they will no longer be able to use.
Many members of the group do not understand that the real meaning of mutual commitment is love that those who love are willing to give and to receive. But to give, people must be generous, and to receive, they must be humble. Only the generous and humble of spirit are capable of true love. I want them to read 1st John 3,2 and to know how many things I reserved for this group. I hope they have sufficient detachment to understand what I want to say.
And now to you; you have helped Me so much this year - with your pain, with your sacrifices, with your poverty - that I am going to reward you with something that is going to make you very happy... However, your moments of impatience have not been few and far between, nor have you done well organizing yourself so as to increase the time you spend in prayer. You have not fasted enough, and on many occasions you have not had the courage to pass on My Messages when they seemed to be too strong. This is called disobedience, and I do not like it when you are more concerned about the opinions of men that about Mine... However, you have something very greatly in your favor: your love for Me. Because of this, I can forget your shortcomings because love overcomes everything.
You will read this Message on January 21, when everyone has either planned – or not planned – their yearly activities. By that day, those who are truly Mine will already have made a reality the saying "Today, far more than yesterday, but less than tomorrow," and they will have accepted that to be a saint requires a great deal of effort.
Be assured, my child, that every man has a certain amount of saintliness in him, but in order to chisel out this saintliness, it requires a great deal of effort - minute by minute, chisel stroke by chisel stroke - because saints are not improvised. People have lost so many beautiful things that We had in mind for them... Satan was able to do so much with his machinations and his ability to take advantage of their weaknesses, weaknesses that are usually a result of people being unable to see the beam in their own eye... How easy it is to criticize our friends when they are not with us.
Beloved child, I want your first prayers tomorrow to be for everyone in the whole of the universe, for all of those who have been forgotten by others, for the souls in Purgatory, for those who are doubtful in their faith, for those who consecrate their souls and bodies to the cause of the Gospel, for those who voluntarily are deprived of My merciful love and the compassion of My Mother, and for those who ask My Sacred Heart for more love. And very especially, I want you to pray for every one of the members of this group, especially for those who will leave it.
Then I want you to pray for the religious congregations, for those who have been consecrated, so that they may remember the ideal they set for themselves at the beginning, so that they may have the strength to persevere with courage remembering that the peace they enjoy comes from Me. Pray for them to have faith and hope, and to lead decent, charitable lives in which they are not concerned about worldly goods and commodities but are always seeking those of Heaven...
Pray that all committed lay people may remove from their hearts the hate, the jealousies, the envy and all other worldly spirit that they may refrain from doing evil and that they may always try to do good. That all of them may become apostles who proclaim My Word everywhere; that they have one heart and that they be one together.
How many beautiful things I have prepared for you this year. But how many things I also have to lovingly correct in that nature so imperfect. Make your love for Me grow; love Me always, every moment... more, sweetly, tenderly... Just as I love each one of My souls.
I will give you two prayers that I want you to repeat continuously:
+ "Lord God, for the saintly pains of Your Mother, for the tears that she shed in those moments, grant me and all other sinners true repentance for our sins, and give us a real desire to work in Your service."
+ "Sacred Heart of Jesus, truly present in the Holy Communion, I consecrate my soul and body to you, to be one with Your Heart, that is continuously sacrificed on the Altars of the Earth and that praises the Holy Father, beseeching You to make Your Kingdom come. Please receive me as a humble offering. Use me as You wish for the Glory of the Father and the salvation of souls.
Blessed Mother of God and of all of us never let me be separated from Your Holy Son. Please defend me and protect me in a very special way, as your daughter. Amen."
EDITOR’S NOTE: Through the rest of 2002, Scoop will be publishing a series of daily reflections on spiritual matters from Bolivian author Katya Rivas. Rivas, has received an official imprimatur from the Catholic Church for several books she says she was instructed to write by Jesus Christ, Mary and various Angels. Scoop’s extract, above, comes from Rivas’s book “The Door to Heaven”. In 1999 Katya Rivas was the subject of a top-rating documentary show hosted by Mike Willessee (see Scoop TV review - Jesus Christ Tells FOXNews He Wants To Hug World and Scoop Images ). More recently Rivas says she was instructed by Jesus to have her books translated and published on the internet with the intention of having the books distributed to as wide an audience as possible. Several of the books can now be read online at, and more are coming soon.
COPYRIGHT NOTICE: “Copyright© 2000 by The Great Crusade of Love and Mercy. All rights reserved. This book is published in coordination with The Apostolate of the New Evangelization. Permission is granted to reproduce this book as a whole in its entirety with no changes or additions and as long as the reproduction and distribution is done solely on a non-profit basis. This document is available at no cost online and can be downloaded and printed from the following Web Sites: in English at: and Spanish at: …Please copy and distribute this book”.
Katya Rivas
The Great Crusade of Love and Mercy
Each year as an part of an observance of Lent publishes a serialisation of Katya Rivas's book "The Passion".

Katya Rivas's work was the subject of a documentary made in 1999 by Australian's Ron Tesoriero and Mike Willissee called "Signs from God" ( read a review here ). In the same year the then Bishop of Buenos Aires Jorge Bergoglio - now Pope Francis - requested a scientific investigation of a remarkable and unexplained phenomena involving a discarded host which had started to bleed. In 2013 Ron Tesoriero published a book "Unseen : New Evidence" which addresses what happened with this investigation and its implications for the quest to discover the origin of life. ( Find out more here ).
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