Top 10 Slogans Used In Recent Iraqi Elections

Published: Tue 22 Oct 2002 10:42 AM
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Top 10 Slogans Used In Recent Iraqi Elections
By St Molesworth
Top 10 slogans used in recent Iraqi elections
1. Saddam - strength, leadership, vision, oh, and a bit of torture too.
2. Mesopotamia the way Saddam wants it.
3. One tick Saddam.
4. You have one vote and ten fingers. Think about it.
5. Vote Saddam for better health, education and weapons of mass destruction.
6. A scud missile launcher in every neighbourhood.
7. Get out and vote - we know where you live.
8. You might as well cast your vote - we've already counted it.
9. This election proudly supported by Keith Locke.
10. Vote for Saddam - Undefeated Warrior. *
* Excludes the Iran-Iraq war, invasion of Kuwait, Desert Storm, Desert Shield and the Israeli strike on the nuclear reactor.
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St Molesworth
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