Reader Feedback To Jason Leopold’s Story

Published: Fri 11 Oct 2002 07:52 PM
Reader Feedback To Jason Leopold – Shafted By The New York Times.
Thank you to everyone that read my story and sent me words of encouragement. It's enabled me to get through these difficult days.
Journalism is a profession I've always wanted to be in. It's the only thing in life I was ever sure about. These letters remind me of why I got became a journalist in the first place.
I strongly believe that something good always comes from these types of situations. In this case, it's the kindness of strangers. I will cherish each and every one of these notes and emails forever.
Thank you for standing behind me and believing in me. --Jason Leopold
Man all I can say is the American media REALLY needs more like you. I'm not sure what I as an average joe can do but damn if I am not going to write a letter to every single one of these organizations. Keep up the outstanding work!
Best of luck, and try to remember that you are writing for us, the people. We need your voice now more than ever. Don't give up.
I just read your story on Not such an unusual one these days, unfortunately. You have my sympathies, and my admiration for doing the real work of a journalist while others line their pockets and grease the machinery of deception. You are what we should mean when we say "a good American." May you never regret standing up for the truth, as long as you live.
Just want to not only thank you for telling the truth. It takes great courage in this day and age to not submit to the bully tactics of the neo-cons. Please know that there are many people in this country that appreciate your efforts and honesty. Please keep the faith.
If the word PATRIOT applies to anyone it's you! Don't stop digging, don't back down and never surrender! We will keep calling, faxing and mailing the press to demand the truth. Thanks again!
I just finished reading your story about your character assassination and I have to tell you I feel sick to my stomach. Holy really is just as I had suspected. The media is no longer free. And, the so-called "liberal media" is nothing more than a myth.
The truth cannot be contained in a hidden dark room forever. There are a lot of weary citizens who know you are reporting the truth and appreciate your brave efforts.
Your story behind the story was a gripping read. I gave up being a journalist because it had too little rewards for too much work - now, I'm more sure than ever that I made the right choice.
Thank you for all you have done to expose Thomas White and this administration for their Enron/Cal energy, etc. wrong-doings. Please press on. I appreciate all you have done.
Just read your story. This storm shall pass, please hold on. We can't afford to lose you. I think you may have inadvertently stumbled upon an even bigger story than the original one, judging by the quick and harsh response you received.

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