UQ Wire: 911 - Foreknowledge or Deception?

Published: Fri 16 Aug 2002 05:41 PM
Global Outlook No. 2, Summer 2002. Now available
September 11: Foreknowledge or Deception? Stop the Nuclear Threat
Questioning the Official Line ... or is it the Official Lie?
THE Bush Administration's "official line" for what happened on September 11 is that Osama bin Laden and his Al Qaeda network were solely responsible for the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. This not only justifies the relentless bombing of civilian targets in Afghanistan, but also the repeal of civil liberties under the newly created "cabinet department for domestic defence". Democracy is crumbling into pieces before our very eyes. The Homeland Security officers would be empowered to take aside those they thought looked like terrorists, have them fingerprinted and photographed, interrogated and jailed. In a campaign reminiscent of the McCarthy years, but which in essence goes much further, even the Raging Grannies could be black-listed, arrested and detained at anti-globalisation rallies.
Amply documented, the "war on terrorism" is a blatant fabrication. Yet the truth regarding the events of 9-11 remains unheralded in the mainstream press, which has applied the most unsubtle form of censorship, casually acknowledging many of the inconsistencies in the official narrative, and then dismissing them as irrelevant. If the truth were to be widely known and publicized, the legitimacy of the Bush Administration would tumble like a deck of cards.
Congresswomen Cynthia McKinney speaks out (cover)
Several weeks before the "foreknowledge" issue hit the newsstands, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, spoke out with courage and determination. Her call for a public inquiry into the events surrounding 9-11, did not center on so-called "intelligence failures" by the FBI. She zeroed in on the conspiracy of silence and the total lack of political accountability.
War without Borders
The Middle East is now an unofficial war zone. Raids by the Israeli Defence Force into Ramallah, Bethlehem and Jenin have left hundreds of civilians dead on both sides. The institutions of Palestinian society, including schools, hospitals and government buildings have been deliberately ransacked and destroyed. Meanwhile, the Bush Administration is forging ahead with plans for an all-out military campaign against Iraq, which could develop into a broader war extending over the entire Middle East region. In turn, the war in Afghanistan, to secure oil pipeline corridors for Western oil companies, has led to the militarization of the entire Central Asian region, with U.S. military bases established in several former Soviet republics, and in proximity to China's Western frontier. In the Andean region of South America, the U.S. is moving from the "war on drugs" to the new "war on terrorism". Brutally impoverished by the hidden fist of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the tendency is towards the militarization of the entire Western hemisphere, coupled with the brutal imposition of the U.S. dollar.
The Dangers of Nuclear War
In a secret Pentagon document, the Bush Administration has established so-called "contingency plans" for an offensive "first strike use" of nuclear weapons, not only against the "axis of evil" (Iraq, Iran, and North Korea), but also against Russia, China, Libya and Syria. While scaling back – in agreement with Russia — on the number of nuclear warheads, the Pentagon's objective is not only to ‘modernize' its nuclear arsenal, but also to establish "full spectrum dominance" in outer space. With advanced surveillance equipment and space weaponry, the U.S. would be able to inflict force locally and instantly anywhere in the world, directly from orbiting satellites, using an appropriate level of pain and doing so with impunity. The evolving conflict between India and Pakistan not only raises the spectre of a nuclear holocaust in a region which encompasses almost a quarter of the world's population, but also the possibility of a broader war which could potentially engulf a much larger region, with far-reaching implications for the future of humanity. The Bush Administration, rather than attempting to diffuse the conflict, has, since September 11, played both sides, by stepping up its weapons deliveries to both Pakistan and India, under military and intelligence authorization acts approved by the U.S. Congress. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists recently announced that the hands of the "Doomsday Clock" had just been moved two minutes closer to midnight — now set at seven minutes to doomsday: "Moving the clock's hands at this time reflects our growing concern that the international community has hit the ‘snooze' button rather than respond to the alarm."
A Call for Peace
To effectively disarm the U.S. war machine, which threatens everyone's future, we must act collectively in a cohesive anti-war movement. The struggle must be broad-based and democratic, encompassing all sectors of society, in all countries. The globalisation of this struggle is fundamental, requiring a degree of solidarity and internationalism unprecedented in world history. Unity of purpose and worldwide coordination among diverse groups and social movements is crucial. A major thrust is required which brings people together from all major regions of the world in the common pursuit and commitment to the elimination of all injustices and the building of a lasting world peace. In the words of U.S. Congressman Daniel Kucinich: "Think peace. Speak peace. Act peace."

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