Unanswered Questions: Listen To Press Conference

Published: Tue 18 Jun 2002 10:31 AM
Below are links to Real Player files of the audio for the press conference held on June 10th in Washington D.C. to launch the website. is an independent, non-partisan network of citizens concerned about the growing number of issues surrounding September 11, that are as yet un-addressed or unresolved.
For more background see... New Allegations Connect More Dots In 9/11 Puzzle and Scoop Unanswered Questions Feature Page
Unanswered Questions Press Conference Audio In Three Parts
Listen to the June 11, 2002 press conference. Thanks to Indymedia and their partner loudeye for hosting this audio.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Breakdown Of Audio By Speaker
Catherine Austin Fitts Moderator - Introduction
Former Asst. Secretary of Housing-HUD (1st Bush Administration)
Solari, Inc., Get Our Money Back Campaign 2002
Kyle F. Hence - Survey of Questions Around the World
Julie Sweeney
Lorna Brett FAA / Airline Accountability
Director of Media Relations, Nolan Law Group-Chicago
Lawfirm representing passengers' families from 9/11 hijacked planes
Mary Schiavo, Esq. FAA/Airline Accountability
Lawyer for 32 passengers' families from all 9/11 hijacked planes
Fmr. Inspector General, U.S. Dept. of Transportation ('90-'96)
Fmr. Assistant U.S. Attorney; Author, Flying Blind, Flying Safe
Open Q & A from the Press
Catherine Fitts - Introductions
of panelists
Michael Ruppert - Historical/Geo-strategic
Editor, From the Wilderness Publications
Former LAPD Narcotics officer
John Judge - Air Defenses/NORAD
Author, Researcher,
Co-founder of Coalition on Political Assassinations
Tom Flocco - 9/11 Insider Trading
Investigative Journalist,
J. Michael Springmann, Esq. - CIA & Global Terrorism
Fmr. Chief, Visa Section, U.S. Embassy in Saudi Arabia
Attorney, 20 years in U.S. Foreign Service
Jennifer Van Bergen - Patriot Act and US Constitution
Contributing editor to
Professor of Constitutional Law
William Mitchell College of Law
Has written a six part series for on the Patriot Act
2ND PANEL Continued (PART 3)
Dr. Stephen Camerado - Immigration and Terrorism
Director of Research; Center for Immigration Studies
Richard Ochs - Government by Anthrax
Freelance Writer, Researcher
Moderator Catherine Fitts - Final Remarks
Open Q & A with all panelists
To listen to the audio files you must have RealPlayer 8.0 installed. Click here to download it.
Its a little quiet, so you may need to crank the volume up.

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