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Published: Fri 6 Jul 2001 12:41 PM
SCOOP ADVISORY: Scoop apologises in advance to subscribers for disruptions to service today due to the attendance of the Scoop team at the Computerworld Excellence awards in Auckland tonight. There will be no Scoop Today or Just Politics emailers posted today. The site will be maintained till midday. Normal service will resume on Monday ---> the scoop
Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were…
1: Scoop Images: A Hard Frost In Karori
Panoramic images by David McLellan of frost at Karori Nornal School this morning. Miniature frostball in gloved hand
2: Letter From Elsewhere: Inalienable Feminist Rights
As a feminist of thirty years’ standing, I would like to make a short statement. Being able to wear short skirts and long earrings to work is not an inalienable feminist right. It is not even a feminist issue.
3: SearchNOW becomes the largest NZ Search Engine
New Zealand search site has indexed over 3.2 million local web pages - making it easily New Zealand's largest search engine.
4: Scoop Images: Magical Light Over Lake Ohau
More images of the environs of the most photogenic mountain village in the world taken by Norman Mackay .
5: Sludge Report #93 – Freedom Is Just A Click Away!
Inside This Edition: It's Official - XtraMSN Is Not Abusive (Legally Anyway) - But You Too Can Be Freed From XtraMSN!
6: Howard's End: Baby-Boomer Executives Waking Up
Slow down, stop multi-tasking, work less, follow your heart and soul and work from the centre of yourself. These are messages baby-boomer executives are taking on board as a spiritual awakening travels across the world. Maree Howard writes.
7: Greens shocked by Government about face on ACC
Green Party ACC Spokesperson Sue Bradford today called on the Government to reverse its sudden decision to renege on its offer of ACC premium refunds to self-employed people who where overcharged last year.
8: Keith Rankin: Taxing Questions
I have received some feedback after last-week presenting an argument in favour of a home equity tax. One responder cannot understand the difference between a home equity tax and a capital gains tax. Another sees the idea of offsetting a tax with ...
9: Court of Christine Rankin cavorts at our expense
Winz Chief Executive Christine Rankin starred in a Michael-Jackson type performance at a senior manager's conference, dressed in an extravagant costume and descending from the ceiling on a flying rig said Alliance spokesperson on Social Welfare, Grant ...
10: Howard's End: 20-50 Hertz Of Happiness
A three thousand year old mystery has been solved after scientists discovered that the purring of cats is a natural healing frequency which has helped dispel the myth that a cat has nine lives and that they are simply contented. Maree Howard writes.
11: Greens correct Act figures on truck fatal crashes
Accusations from the Act Party that the Greens were using incorrect statistics in measuring the role of trucks in road fatalities have been proven incorrect.
12: "One Down, Two To Go" - Says Analyst
One key witness in the terrorist case is gone and two are left. This view was heard being expressed by someone associated with Fiji Police after the brutal murder of Red Cross Director John Scott.
13: Scoop Images: Phil Goff With Gun In Solomons
Foreign Affairs Minister Phil Goff in the Solomon Islands. He is shown with members of the International Peace Monitoring Team and at a weapons container at Kakabona on the outskirts of Honiara.
14: “Harry Potter” Trailer Cinema Premiere
The theatrical trailer for the year’s most-anticipated family film - “Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone” will make its cinema screen debut in New Zealand for the first time on Thursday, April 5.
15: Dangly Earring Craze Snowballing
The following email, urging women to get their Christine Rankin styled glad rags on in support of women workers, is doing the rounds across the country. Meanwhile, broadcasters Robert Rakete and James Coleman both donned Rankinesque dangly earings ...
16: Eroding Uncertainty In Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Few suspect that our national carbon stocks and net greenhouse gas emissions may also be significantly affected by soil or the loss of it through erosion.
17: What does Wilson Mean?
Attorney-General Margaret Wilson’s public statement on abolition of appeals to the Privy Council is very worrying, ACT Justice spokesman Stephen Franks said today.
18: Greens Play with Truck Numbers
The Green Party is guilty of using figures disingenuously in order to scare people about trucks, ACT MP Penny Webster said today.
19: Statement From Christine Rankin
I have read Mr Wintringham's statement and will naturally be discussing the matters he has raised with the WINZ management team.
20: Big News : A “Morally Repugnant Trade”
The Prostitution Law Reform Bill that is currently before the Justice and Electoral Select Committee appears to be heading for parliamentary approval in a country where it is illegal to sell sex but not to buy it.
21: National Radio Midday Report
Cancer Treatment – Apple Industry – Sea Search – Icy Roads – Michael Winteringham – Soy Sauce – Lake Omapere – Indonesian Violence – Middle East – Yugoslav Parliament – Dairy Owner – Marie Jamieson
22: Bilaterals, not NAFTA, best for New Zealand
Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney's call for closer trading relations between New Zealand and the United States was a welcome one, Trade Negotiations Minister Jim Sutton said today.
23: Address To NZ/Aus Chamber Of Commerce - Cullen
I have been asked to introduce this discussion by commenting on why the New Zealand and UK economies seem to be withstanding the slowdown in the global economy.
24: Alan MacDiarmid Chair in Physical Sciences named
Internationally-renowned physicist Professor Paul Callaghan is the inaugural appointee to the Alan MacDiarmid Chair of Physical Sciences at Victoria University.
25: ACC No-Refund Decision Is Theft
The government's refusal to refund up to 100,000 self-employed New Zealanders who were over-charged for their ACC premiums last year, is nothing short of institutionalised theft, says ACT deputy leader Ken Shirley.
26: Catastrophe Looms At Lake Omapere
The government's response to the Maori Affairs Select Committee report on Lake Omapere in Northland is a sham and reveals a disturbing level of self delusion, says ACT Deputy Leader Ken Shirley, who was a member of the committee.
27: Address To ICANZ – UK Branch - Michael Cullen
It is a pleasure to join you this evening and I bring warm greetings from home.
28: Mulroney can NAFTA off !
Wellington activists will protest tomorrow outside Te Papa, where ex- Prime Minister of Canada Brian Mulroney is speaking. Mulroney will be promoting the NAFTA free trade agreement that his government signed with the USA and Mexico, and encouraging New ...
29: Sludge Report #94 - Macho Instincts Take Over
If and when more teenagers are killed by another young Palestinian suicide bomber, Israel’s Cabinet will only have themselves to blame. And when they go to comfort the grieving parents of the victims, they should remember to say sorry.
30: AUS Tertiary Update Vol.4 No.22
In our lead story this week….. CANTERBURY'S FINANCIAL WOES Staff at Canterbury University are calling for more rigorous accounting after revelations of budget errors pushing the deficit up to around $7m. this year. A recent Council meeting heard that the ...
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