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Published: Mon 10 Jul 2000 08:35 AM
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Monday, July 10, 2000
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'There are only two types of journalism - dull journalism and exciting journalism. The true journalism is exciting and decidely unobjective. True journalism, in my view, is devoted entirely to the revelation of facts which someone does not want revealed. That is the high point of journalism; it is the real meaning of being a journalist; it is also exciting and is interesting to read.' - Maxwell Newton
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Inside 'Media Flash' This Week
* CRIKEY! E-Mags Fight It Out
* NOT AGAIN! Competitor Number Five Enters Melbourne's Diamond Valley
* HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Sydney's Torch Group Celebrates ... And Recalls The Bombing
* ALL THE WINNERS: Australian Suburban Newspapers' Northern Division Awards
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* ASH LONG writes: 'Media Flash publishes a weekly E-newspaper about the successes, failures and foibles of Australian media people. Just sometimes, some of these media people become alarmingly sensitive when the microscope with which they examine others, is briefly shone across them. But what about the microscope over Media Flash?
* AS DISCLOSURE: It is appropriate to register on the public record that I have had my own good measure of business successes, failures and foibles. The successes of which I am proud include a career including ownership of my own award-winning newspaper group for 10 years, my own TV production company's programs, and some benchmark media work over more than 25 years. The failures that I profoundly regret and am sorry about include several collapsed businesses resulting in bankruptcy, returned cheques and unpaid debt; a good behaviour bond in the 1980's over dealings with a money lender; speeding tickets and late tax returns. The trade-mark foibles include hard playing and a sometimes over-active larrikin gland.
* YOUR RIGHTS: This is a weekly E-newspaper sent to you, at request, free of charge. An ever-increasing readership tends to indicate that we might be getting the recipe right. Media Flash does not adopt a stand or charter, nor does it spell out a code of conduct for itself or others. We present ourselves to you weekly, as a package of successes, failures and foibles: our own - and others. Unlike others, we do not pretend to be anything other than our imperfect, but hopefully tasty cocktail. You can subscribe or 'unsubscribe', read or not read Media Flash at any time of your own choosing, at no charge to you. The rights and values that must matter, in the end, can only be your own.'
Hilmer: It's Personality Media
* FRED HILMER, CEO of John Fairfax Holdings, spoke to the National Press Club, where he said: 'I recognise that media is a business of personalities. Many of you are here in this room: columnists, star reporters, cartoonists, commentators and, of course, the proprietors. And they're all well known - you're all public figures, you're perceived to have a lot of power. Now, that's quite different to other industries. And if you think of other companies that have at least as much impact - companies like Unilever or Coke or Rio or Foster's - the names of those chief executives and players are at best only known in the financial community, and even then not always.
* 'But in media we're a personality business and the people are perceived to have power, and what the people do evokes strong emotions. Now, why do we get the power? We get the power because of what is written, or what is said, or what is produced. And the owner gets the power because they're perceived to be able to influence that. If we didn't have that, then we'd be just like the producers of another consumer goods, or a beer, or whatever.'
Crikey! Subscriber List Revealed
* STEPHEN MAYNE, former Australian Financial Review columnist and now Crikey publisher, describes himself in these words: 'After deciding to rat on his old boss JEFF KENNETT, he created the site and tried unsuccessfully to stand during the Victorian election'. With CON CHRISTOV and ANDREW INWOOD, Mayne established the website as a Sunday e-magazine, specialising in politics, media, whistleblowing and shareholding, espousing a style of 'immersion journalism'. Part of their published philosophy is 'to take a long thin spike to the bloated egos ... who simply get paid too much for doing shoddy work'.
* CON CHRISTOV, 'gadget man' of the Crikey business, made a major blunder last week in circulating a 'partial' list of subscribers. MEDIA FLASH re-published this with the rationale that Crikey is a media outlet that sets out to disclose how political and media organisations conduct themselves. Crikey's policy appears to demand high standards of business competence and prudence. Crikey is a Pty Ltd company, charging for subscriptions, so is in itself in the media circle, and not exempt from scrutiny.
* ASH LONG, Media Flash Publisher, says: 'When a principal of a media company reveals sensitive proprietary information - deliberately or carelessly - that is news in itself. Crikey promotes itself with the motto 'Bringing Down Governments'. Therefore the subscriber list must be regarded as one of public interest. STEPHEN MAYNE complains publicly with the allegation that Herald Sun Editor PETER BLUNDEN has banned Mayne's name being published in that newspaper's columns. Yet Crikey has now done exactly the same thing with Media Flash, removing our weekly column, crossing us off their (seemingly small) subscriber list. Mayne and Crikey therefore show themselves as no different to the media they seek to expose.'
Concerns Of Spamming
* MEDIA FLASH continues: 'CON CHRISTOV at Crikey appears to want to deflect criticism of his publishing blunder, predicting calamity with a possible spamming epidemic of the people's e-mail addresses of which he is custodian. These calamitous events simply haven't happened.'
* PHIL TRIPP of IMMEDIA sent an E-Mail to the list, promoting his Music and Entertainment Media Online Conference. Fringe author RAYMOND HOSER promoted his book. GARY SELLARS e-mailed the Crikey subscribers saying Media Flash was wrong to publish the list, then proceeded to promote his AutoRev weekly newsletter. A selection of letters to Media Flash follows. In common with newspaper practice, we include the correspondent's address as they have supplied to us. Letters and addresses marked 'Not For Publication' have not been included.
* IAIN GILLESPIE, now in Western Australia, writes: 'I agree that Crikey has made an error in accidentally publishing the names of its subscribers but your opportunism is a disgrace. I do accept that the incident was unintentional. Also, the list would only have been received by fellow subscribers - not the same as your subscribers. Some people may not like the thought of their employer knowing they are Crikey readers. You have passed on the list of subscribers in the full knowledge that even more people will see them for the purpose of taking a shot at Crikey. Your actions appear to me to be a good deal more deserving of criticism than the "gagdet man". In fact, you are a disgrace. Yours, IAIN GILLESPIE PS: Perhaps you have some voyeur photos of Crikey subscribers you can peddle next.'
'Eye For An Eye', Warns Crikey Reader
* MEDIA FLASH continues: 'One worries about the ability of otherwise sensible people to manage an electronic letterbox life. They fly into a disproportionate rage about E-Mail management, many with threats, and one wonders about their ability to simply press the 'Block Sender' or 'Delete' buttons. How must they cope when the telephone directory or the Harvey Norman catalogue is distributed? Their outrage is akin to an illogical road rage.'
* KEVIN COX, at, wrote: 'Your behavior in publishing my email on your media list is vandalism and victimisation at its worst. You may think you are clever but to me it is equivalent of someone spray painting my car. You can rest assured that I have a long memory and I believe in an eye for an eye and will make it one of my missions in life to make yours a little bit less pleasant.'
* COLLEEN EGAN, at, wrote (also forwarding junk E-mails): 'I understand you've published a list of Crikey subscribers on your site. I'm one of them and don't appreciate it. Please unsubscribe me from your service - you'll probably sell your list of subscribers to some trashy junk-mail company and I don't want to be part of it. You'll be receiving all my junk mail in future.' Ms Egan has since forwarded us a number of junk E-mails.
* MAREE McEVOY, at, wrote (also forwarding junk E-mails): 'I think you publishing the Crikey list was a very low and a cheap hit below the belt. In future I do not wish to read anything you have written/published and will forward all my spam mail on to you. I hope you get to enjoy a finger cramp from hitting the delete button.'
* ROSE McMAHON, at, wrote (also forwarding junk E-mails): 'I understand you're responsible for passing my email address on. Just so there's no mistaking - I think you are a fucken looser (sic), and every time I deal with a survey company from now on, I'll do you the same favor.'
* EVO SLOTS, at, wrote: 'Great job Sherlock Holmes'.
* PETER WROBEL, at, wrote: 'You are a low scumbag.'
More Punishment From Crikey's Subscribers
* GIUSEPPE DE SIMONE, at, wrote: 'I regard your publishing of my subscription details (email address and name) as an invasion of my privacy. It is no different to you entering my home because a tradesman left the door open in error then having a good look around, taking photos and video and showing all your friends and whoever else might like a look. I expect an apology. If you don't provide one, rest assured there will be many people who will pray every day that your privacy is as violated in the future so you can experience real embarrassment.'
* ANDREW CLARKE, National Manager, Visual Communications, Blake Dawson Waldron, at, wrote: 'Thanks for publishing my name as a Crikey subscriber, and now please remove me from your mailing list. As a 'supposed' media commentator I would have hoped you had ethics that were worth paying attention to, but clearly my hope was misguided. So please remove me from any correspondence from you and question your ethics.'
* RORY CAHILL, at wrote: 'I too am a media worker and I do not appreciate what you did. It's called theft. Please go to - the Chechen Mujihadeen website. Open the Russian Hell in 2000 video ... fast-forward to about 12 minutes in ... the bit where Khattab executes the prisoner of war and leaves his stinking corpse for the vultures to devour. If you ever do anything like this again fucko, that'll be you. Allahu-abar! Cheers and one day you might get to meet my Russian friend Kalashnikov.'
* BILL CUSHING, 'Adviser on Public Policy, Finance and Management', at, wrote: 'It appears that, this week, you have revealed to the world that you are a prize twit. Congratulations.'
* MARK DAY, communications commentator, at, wrote: 'I agree - your publication of my address along with the other Crikey subscribers was the wrong thing to do.'
Fairfax's 'Commercial Job' In Diamond Valley
* NEIL COLLYER, Victorian State Manager of Fairfax Community Newspapers, says of 'Vol. 1 No. 1' of Valley Life monthly magazine: 'It is a commercial job that Creative Media Solutions (a FCN subsidiary) does for GARY TAKLE MEDIA ... we charge him for our services.' The impressive new short tabloid full color 32-page monthly has a 30,000-circulation in the Diamond Valley News area long-held by Publisher SYLVIA BRADSHAW'S Leader Newspaper Group. It also covers part of the Templestowe area of the Doncaster-Templestowe News.
* GARY TAKLE commenced publication of Nillumbik Life last year as a glossy A4 mag, staffed by Editor KERRIE TAKLE, with GINA WILSON as a Contributing Writer. Art preparation was previously handled by Kudos Graphics, Eltham. The new-style Valley Life is edited by DEBORAH GOUGH, designed by TONY VELLA, with space sold on a commission-only basis by former Post group rep JOHN McGAW. The imprint shows that it is 'published by Creative Media Solutions', with office phone numbers at FCN's Knox office.
* SYLVIA BRADSHAW'S Diamond Valley News now has competitors in: (1) GARY TAKLE'S Valley Life; (2) HARTLEY HIGGINS - GEOFF HEYES' Nillumbik Life; (3) MARK BURNS' new Valley Views; and (4) LAURIE RYAN'S Your Gazette. Diamond Valley News had a 76-page edition this week, below its average. It is now branding its front-covers with 'Nillumbik Edition' and 'Banyule Edition' stamps.
Torch Celebrates 80 Years
* JOHN ENGISCH and family invited 250 staff to the 80th anniversary of the Bankstown-Canterbury Torch on June 12, held at the Revesby Workers' Club. The popular local paper was founded as a four-page tabloid, one of Australia's first free papers - printed on a Double Royal, on June 12, 1920, by grandfather LESLIE ALEXANDER ENGISCH and father PHILLIP CHARLES LESLIE ENGISCH - described as 'a journo's journo'. The late Phillip Engisch's wife, JEAN, 80, was guest of honour at the celebrations. One of the stark memories of the paper's history was when its premises were bombed in 1955 'by person or persons unknown'. The paper pressed on by using the facilities of EARL WHITE'S Cumberland Newspapers group at night, while its own facilities were re-built. Today, the paper - which averages around 100 pages weekly - has fourth generation members TRENT (Web press manager) and CHRISTIAN (print engineer). The group also includes the Auburn Review Pictorial (just celebrated its 40th anniversary), the Northern Beaches Weekender and Cooks River Valley Times. Some years ago, a 25 per cent interest was sold to the PACKER family, and a similar share to the FAIRFAX family; this half-share is today held by Fairfax Community Newspapers.
* LESLIE ENGISCH'S brother, CHARLIE, started the Gladesville Weekly Times, now operated by JOHN BOOTH. This paper was an award winner at last week's Australian Suburban Newspapers' Association Northern Division Awards held at Star City Casino, presided over by Chairman GRAEME CUTLER.
Blacktown Advocate Takes Honors
* NENITA LAXAMANA and ADAM REID, Editor and Manager respectively of The Blacktown Advocate, have every reason to celebrate after being judged 'Best Newspaper Over 40,000 Circulation' by JOHN JENNISON at the ASNA Northern Division Awards: 'Local issues were covered in depth and written clearly covering the facts. There was a good ratio between editorial and advertising with no over-cluttered pages of ads. The features were varied and interesting. The paper was an enjoyable read.' Advocate staff had included journalists SCOTT ABRAHAMS and ROBERT SULLIVAN, plus photographer JASON LINDSAY. Second place was awarded to JOHN ENGISCH'S Bankstown-Canterbury Torch, with third place to the Northern District Times managed by JAYNEE HODGE, edited by DI BARTOK, and journalists EAMONN DUFF and JONOTHAN GRAINGER.
* Brisbane's Recliffe and Bayside Herald, a Quest Group publication edited by SCOTT THOMPSON with SHERYL CHAMBERS as Ad Manager, was named winner of the Best Newspaper Under 40,000 Circulation. Judge STEPHEN QUINN said: 'The design and generally high quality of the sub-editing, combined with sensible editorial content that is appropriate for the target community audience, lifted this newspaper into first place. It was good to find a community newspaper that had been so well subbed and well written. The headlines are punchy; the design well organised and modular; the photograph selection is appealing, and the stories reflect well on the community the paper serves. The paper contains plenty of comment from readers, and content is well organised.' Second place: The Mosman Daily, edited by BRIAN GRIDLEY, managed by MELISSA KERR. Third place: The Camden Wollondilly Advertiser, a Fairfax Community Newspapers group member, under leadership of IAN CROWTHER.
ASNA Awards Details
* ALAN BRIGHTMAN of Professional Imaging judged the Redcliffe & Bayside Herald (Qld) as winner of the ASNA award for Most Enterprising Use of Color. JOHN ENGISCH'S Auburn Pictorial Review won second place. The St George and Sutherland Shire Leader, edited by JIM BURRELL took third placing.
* TREVOR KENNEALLY, judge of Best House Designed Client Advertisement, named The Penrith City Star as winner. Second Place: The Sun Weekly. Third Place: 'Inner Western Suburbs'. Trevor judged Penrith Press, managed by DIANNE REVELEY and edited by ALISON TAYLOR, as Best Advertising Feature winner for its 'Panther Power' campaign; second place to MICHAEL HANNAN'S Southern Courier; with the Camden Wollondilly Advertising coming third.
* BOB STAINES, Editor of the Central Coast Express Advocate, won the Best Newspaper Promotion, judged by SUZANNE ANTHONY of Foxtel. Placings went to The St George & Sutherland Shire Leader; and the City News (Qld) edited by DENISE PICKERING, with RAE NOVAK as (Acting) Ad Manager.
Personal Best File
* BRAD MARSELLOS, of the City & Shire Leader (Qld), won the ASNA (Northern) Best Sports Picture judged by MAX ROSS, Photographic Manager of News Ltd. Second place: LUKE GLOSSOP, Blacktown City Sun. Third place: SIMON COCKSEDGE, The Manly Daily.
* PHIL HEARNE of The Sun Weekly won Best General Picture award. Second place: JOHN VEAGE, St George & Sutherland Shire Leader. Third place: CHRIS HIGGINS, Redcliffe & Bayside Herald.
* KENNETH HARRISON of Diabetes Australia judged The Weekly Times as winner of the Community Service Award. Second place: The Sun Weekly. Third place: The Chronicle at Campbelltown, managed by MANDY PERRIN.
* BRAD FORREST'S St George & Sutherland Shire story about 'Bradman and Morris/Gilchrist and Langer' won the Best Sports Story award judged by MIKE HARVEY of The Land. Placings went to EMMA GREENWOOD of The Northern Times, and PAUL NEWMAN of The Manly Daily.
More Awards
* LLOYD WHISH WILSON judged as winner of ASNA Best News Story The Sun Weekly's reports of disease that killed two million chickens. NICK TODD'S South West News (Qld) murder yarn won second placing, with equal third placing to The St George & Sutherland Shire Leader and CATHY BAJELIS of The Southern Courier.
* CHRIS WHARTON judged PETER ALLEN'S leader article in The St George & Sutherland Shire Leader as Best Editorial. Placings were given to RON BENDALL of the North Shore Times and WILLIAM VERITY at the Fairfield City Champion.
* TONY GILLIES of Rural Press awarded CLARE MASTERS of The Sydney Weekly as winner of the Best Feature Story. Placings went to KIM O'CONNOR of The Wentworth Courier, and RENEE MACKIE of The Sun Weekly.
* BRYAN McKENDRICK judged The Sun Weekly to won ASNA'S Best Pictorial News Story. Placings to the Blacktown City Sun and The St George & Sutherland Shire Leader.
Foxtel, Seven Settle
* KERRY STOKES' Seven Network will deliver two Olympic channels on the Foxtel network for two weeks in September, at an optional additional cost of $49.95 to the Pay-TV operator's 600,000 subscribers. FINOLA BURKE of The Australian says 1.2 million homes, including Austar and Optus subscribers, will now have access to the expanded Games coverage.
Tracking For Trailers
* RICHARD ANDERSON of The Media Banc is installing Quiktrak tracing technology for its mobile billboards and trailers: 'Whilst I am happy for the competitive edge the Quiktrak technology brings to The Media Banc, in the longer term the whole industry must provide this level of accontability if we are to seriously compete with the other media forms for advertising dollars.'
Australian Indigenous Media
* JENNIFER NIXON, Administration Manager at the Alice Springs-based Yeperenye Dreaming Festival seeks to appoint an Artistic Director, Marketing Manager, and Production Manager.
This Week In Byron Bay
* Council's general manager quits; All aboard the Freedom bus; Learning to live with GST; MUNGO MacCALLUM uncovers more Howard GST lies; local woman organises Whale Fest in Adelaide; NorthPower causes nightmare at Laverty's Gap - all in this week's ECHO, Byron Shire's independent locally-owned weekly with attitude. THE ECHO hits the streets of Bryon Bay and the web at on Tuesdays. National advertisers are welcome to communicate with Australia's most sophisticated rural market. Email or ring (02) 6684 1777.
Book Department
* TONY ROBERTSON, former journalist and Press Secretary to WA Premier RICHARD COURT, writes to Media Flash: Perth internet company has launched its new online bookstore, with more than 600,000 titles at between 20-40 per cent discount. The bookstore includes extracts, author profiles and book club reading notes. Robertson is director and books editor.
Public Relations Watch
* PETER DIMBROWSKY, General Manager of Rehame, is circulating clients with news that the media monitoring company will continue 24 hours a day, seven days a week, over the Olympic Games period ... but with a warning that traffic restrictions in the Sydney CBD should see clients using e-mail and video streaming, instead of couriers.
Your ABC
* SCIENTISTS passionate about sharing their ideas may apply for one of three six-week ABC Science Media Fellowships in 2000. 'The Fellowships are not intended for people who wish to become journalists.'
TV Guide
* GRAHAM KENNEDY - the King of Australian TV - will feature in a 2½-hour special on Nine on July 18. Written by TONY SATTLER, TV writer HARVEY SHORE says the program includes clips of JOHN LAWS, JOHN MANGOS, STUART WAGSTAFF, NOELINE BROWN, UGLY DAVE GRAY, BERT NEWTON, PATTI NEWTON, JOHNNY LADD, PETE SMITH, PHILIP BRADY, PHILLIP ADAMS, BRUCE BERESFORD, GRAEME BLUNDELL, JACK THOMPSON, TONI LAMOND, HUGH STUCKEY, MIKE McCOLL JONES, ERNIE CARROLL, HARRY M. MILLER, DAVID WILLIAMSON, ROSS HIGGINS and KEN SUTCLIFFE. The program will air as a spoiler to the second night of Seven's big drama for the year, The Potato Factory, starring LISA McCUNE.
* MARIE PATANE will host Nine's Dreamhome to be launched on Tuesday week, July 18.
* KERRY STOKES has dumped The Big Breakfast from Seven's daily line-up, to be replaced by Australian Music Video.
* H.G. NELSON and ROY SLAVEN start their quiz show satire on Monday next week, July 17, on the Seven Network.
So, This Is Showbiz
* GEORGE LUCAS, film director, is in Sydney for six weeks, filming Star Wars: Episode Two, at the Fox Studios at Moore Park (NSW).
Australian Media Job Directory
* SEE our Employment Section at the bottom of the page..
Big Names Dept.
* CAMERON O'REILLY, 41, the APN News & Media Chief Executive, is on his way to a life in southern France.
Odds and Ends
* HARVEY SHORE, much-quoted TV writer, says Sky News Managing Editor ANGELOS FRANGOPOULOS has picked up Prime Television's weekly regional and rural news service, Regional News Australia, fronted by NATASHA BEYERSDORF.
* JIM BURRELL, Editor of The St George & Sutherland Shire Leader, noted in the Thursday, June 29 edition that the paper was celebrating its 40th birthday: 'From humble beginnings, in an office without phones, the Leader has grown into the largest circulating and most prestigious suburban newspaper in Australia ... a special feature soon will focus on the highlights of 40 grand and sometimes turbulent years in St George and the Shire. Watch out for it.'
The Local Report
* SUE COULTON is Manager of the Rural Press NSW local tabloid, The Boorowa News, which has made itself into the news as one local group has stopped contributing to the paper. The June 22 edition, edited by DERRICK MASON, includes a Page 2 editorial: 'In our experience there are few organisations which do not welcome the assistance of The News in promoting their activities and recording their endeavors. Those which don't appreciate our efforts are, thankfully in the minority ... Those who made these decisions have done a dis-service to the members of their organisation. They have virtually indicated that their organisation is unworthy of being placed on public record ... its deeds are but a blank space on the historical stage.'
* SUE COULTON published an ad for a journalist's position, starting July 3, in the same edition.
* THE MUCKAY MOCKERY, a 28-page color tabloid newspaper annual, produced by the Mackay West Apex Club has again hit the streets at $2 a copy. The skit paper, mocking The Daily Mercury in Mackay (Qld), is a sometimes close-to-the-bone satire, with many fund-raising paid ads.
And Now In Sport
* SIMON WESTCOTT, Marketing Director of The Age, is announcing a major campaign to increase penetration of the sports mad Melbourne market. The campaign, led by Samuelson Tablot agency chief BOB TALBOT, features 16 footy lovers - one from each team - each talking about their passion for The Sunday Age sports section. Agency staff includes Creative Director PAUL MEEHAN, writer MARK FARRELLY, art director SALLY COGGLE, producer JILL WHEELER and director JOLYON WATKINS.
Members' Mailbag
* EDWINA BURGESS and KARINA CLEMENT of Defence Service Communities, Fishermans Bend, join our Media Flash subscribers' list. So does ELISE OLNEY, National Public Relations Manager, Australian Physiotherapy Association; STEVE GIBBONS, Senior Editor, The Age; KIRSTEN TRETHOWAN, Marketing Manager at Nicholson Media (Vic.); RICHARD CONRAD at Text Media Group; FIONA McLEAN, Group Sales administration Assistant at Leader Newspapers; ANIKA HILLERY, Editor, Sound & Image Magazine (NSW); CHAD VINCENZI at the BBC.
Editor's E-Mail
* PETER WEAVING, photographer with Melbourne Independent Newspapers, writes: "Please add my e-mail to your list for Media Flash, I'm a MIN/APN photographer on leave and living in England for 2000. Thanks. It should help me keep in touch."
* SUSAN McDERMOTT, General Manager of MIN, also joins. Her papers include The Melbourne Times, The City Weekly, Emerald Hill Times and Bayside Southern Cross.
* JOHN WILLIAMS of Aladdin writes: 'Ash, thanks for a very interesting in-depth view of Australian media most weeks. I did not get last week's issue so I did not know of delays with this issue. Anyway, they happen and people should realise that email is not a perfect application. Lost emails are a fact of life and so is spam. But I can't see any reason to encourage it by publishing Crikey's subscriber list.'
* KRISTEN THOMAS writes: 'I'm a journo at The West Australian in Perth and just wanted to say that I think Media Flash is excellent. A friend in Sydney e-mails it to me each week and I was just wondering if it is possible to subscribe myself? Keep up the fantastic work.'
Fan Mail
* MARIE NANCARROW, Press and Public Affairs, British Consulate General, writes: 'This looks very informative and entertaining. I'd love to subscribe.'
Stix and Stones
* STEVE STICKNEY, Editor at The Manly Daily: Steve, we lost your copy down a cyber-hole. Please write again soon.
Bottom Line
* 40 MAJOR EVENTS are anticipated at Canberra's Bruce Stadium, now seeking Expressions of Interest for naming rights.
* $71,098 PA is offered for a Senior Media Officer for the NSW Department of Community Service.
* $1.08 MILLION was the price for Bookman Directories, bought by m2m Corporation. ELI GREENBLAT of The Age reported that Bookman Direct has 230,000 subscribers.
Last Word
* TRACIE WINCH writes about 3AK in The Age Green Guide: "With a weekday line-up consisting of JOHN BLACKMAN, BRUCE MANSFIELD, GREG EVANS and DOUG AITON, you'd have to say 3AK has a great future behind it."
P.S. -
* ANNA MURDOCH and daughter ELISABETH joins father-figure RUPERT and heir-apparent LACHLAN in the International Who's Who. Also joining the list are Australian columnist PHILLIP ADAMS, preamble poet LES MURRAY, horse trainer GAI WATERHOUSE, and bald pop singer PETER GARRETT. Should we be looking at publishing a Media Flash Who's Who?
Australian Media Job Directory
* SEE our Employment Section at the bottom of the page.
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Editors - head for the Olympic City in July
The Annual Conference of the Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers' Association (PANPA) in Sydney on July 18-20 will launch the PANPA Editors' Forum with high quality speakers on compelling subjects in a special new editorial strand to complement the parallel marketing and technical programs. Check it out at or e-mail The attractions for editors include the third conference day, Marketing to Consumers with a group of high level newspaper marketing people from the UK, USA and Brazil. The first day plenary session features ZIGGY SWITKOWSKI, CEO of continuing news-maker Telstra, ROGER PARKINSON, CEO of the Toronto, Canada Globe and Mail and President of the World Association of Newspapers and US newspaper 'net guru MELINDA GIPSON. PANTECH, the PANPA Newspaper Technology Expo, will showcase the latest technologies available for newspaper production and operations over the three days. Another innovation at the 2000 PANPA Conference is the inaugural PANPA Newspaper of the Year Award which will recognise newspapers' interaction with their communities. A high-tech sculpture has been created for the winner in each of six categories designed to allow newspapers of all frequencies and sizes to compete with their peers.
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Executive Director
* In an era when publishing is growing and redefining itself, the APA is seeking an Executive Director. The APA is the peak industry body representing Australian book publishers. The Executive Director reports through the President to the APA Board and is responsible for the smooth and efficient administration of the Association, and maintaining member service levels to required standards. The Director is also responsible for monitoring relevant legislation and representing the industry to state and federal government. The Director will also communicate relevant news, industry developments, policy initiatives and other relevant matters to members. The Director works with a range of specialist committees within the Association. Interstate and overseas travel is required. An attractive remuneration package will be offered to the successful candidate. Applications to Mr Sandy Grant, President, APA Ltd, 60/89 Jones Street, Ultimo NSW 2007. Closing date is Monday, July 24, 2000.
Sales Executive
* Triathlon and Multi-Sport Magazine, a publication of Australia's largest sporting publisher requires a highly motivated sales executive to be based in the Melbourne office. The position involves selling to agencies and clients direct, developing new business and maintaining current client base, whilst growing the magazine's profile. The successful applicant will be need to be a big picture person, pro-active, self-sufficient and have an entrepreneurial flare. Media experience flare. Media experience essential. fax CV to (03) 9574 8899 or email to
Senior Appointments
* FRED HILMER'S John Fairfax Holdings is headhunting for a Strategic Analyst to perform 'extensive research and analysis of competitors, related markets, investement and acquisition opportunities'.
* JULIE MORRISSEY at Moody's Investors Services wants an Editor - Asia Pacific Region: 'The position will be the primary contact for editorial services within the Asia Pacific region, co-ordinating with Moody's staff in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney offices.'
* ELLEN FLINT, (02) 9282 2537, is fielding enquiries for NewsAlert/Fairfax at Singapore. The positions are Director - Marketing; Director - Asia Pacific Sales; Director - Content Acquisition and Product development; Director - Asia Pacific Production.
* MARTIN JOHNSON at Wesley Mission (Sydney South) seeks a Media Manager who will also be responsible for Turn Round Australia (Nine Network) and 2GB'S Sunday Night Live.
More Jobs
* JAN DALZELL notifies of recruitment for the National Sales Manager for Australian Community Newspapers, the national sales office of the Fairfax Community Newspapers network. Applications to RAY KHOUREY, Marketing Manager at FCN.
* HARTLEY HIGGINS advertises for an Ad Sales Consultant for the Yarra Valley, Dandenongs and The Ranges Tourist News (Vic.).
Even More Jobs
* AMANDA TUCCI at Fairfax advertises for a Credit Services Officer (Sydney). Amanda also notifies of a Librarian's vacancy at the Fairfax Library. A Photo Librarian is required at Fairfax Information Services.
* KIM MUNDELL at Fairfax Business Publications' Magazine Division in Melbourne seeks a Brand Manager for Personal Investor and Shares magazines.
* SALLY CRENNAN requires an Account Manager for The Australian Financial Review and Boss magazines.
* SHARON DAVIS at Citysearch, Oakleigh (Vic.), advertises for a Website Design Team Leader.
And Just Finally ...
* BRIAN JOHNS, former ABC MD, delivered a parting shot to the Federal Government, magnate KERRY PACKER, and the ABC Board. Departing executive ANDY LLOYD JAMES attacked the direction of new MD JONATHAN SHIER. 'Well, they would, wouldn't they?'
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