Scoop Today - First Bulletin Of The New Year

Published: Mon 10 Jan 2000 11:16 PM
Scoop is pleased today to reccommence normal service following the holiday break.
First Light On Narawhia - In The Cloud
Scoop's Mountain-top Millennium
- The picture above was taken of first light as seen from the summit of the highest point on Arapawa Island - Narawhia (535m) in the Marlborough Sounds. Hopes of watching the sunrise were foiled by the peak being encased in cloud at dawn....but it was great to be there. Happy New Year. See... Scoop Images: Mountaintop Celebration Of Y2k [1] in the Headlines wire.
[1] -
Holiday Season Over
- Scoop today resumes normal service. Best wishes to all as the 21st Century begins to wind up.
A Frenetic Start To Y2k In The World Of International Relations
- If you thought 1999 was a roller-coaster and hoped the world would return to normal on January 1 2000 - sorry. If anything - so far - all appearances indicate it is going to get a whole lot worse, even if Y2k computer problems have proved rather illusory and the Second Coming didn't come. Scoop’s Alastair Thompson previews the global security situation at the beginning of the year 2000 and remains optimistic in the face of mounting odds. See... Scoop Editorial: Floating Hope [1] in the Headlines wire.
[1] -
Flu Strikes Old Blighty
- The UK is in the grips of what is being desribed by authorities as a full scale killer-flu epidemic. People are dropping like flies and up to 20,000 could die. John Howard reports. See... Poms Dropping Like Flies As Flu Epidemic Bites [1] in the Headlines wire.
[1] -
Bananas, Time and The Weather
- Time, what is it? Like the weather it is something to talk about. And like the weather you have to take it has it comes. And it keeps on coming, at the speed of light. Occasional Dublin Scoop Greg Meylan writes on how to get free bananas. See... Irish Eyes: On the Time [1] in the Headlines wire.
[1] -
Rankin's Millennial Musings
- Keith Rankin in his regular Thursday columns looks at the Y2K Bug and the Millennium. See... Rankin On Thursday - Y2K [1] and Rankin's Thursday Column - The Old Millennium [2] , both in the Headlines wire.
[1] -
[2] -
Welcome To The Cyber-republic Of Lomar
- Psst! Want a new passport? You can get it over the Net. Welcome to Lomar the latest in a string of cyberspace nations that is causing international legal interest. See... Cyber-Nations Causing Legal Interest [1] in the Headlines wire.
[1] -
Watching Your Sheep From On High
- A new surveillance satellite will be available from July to anyone in the world who wants to monitor land use, farm production and the source of pollution. John Howard reports.See... New Satellite Spies On Farms [1] in the Headlines wire.
[1] -
Air New Zealand In Gun With Aussie Immigration
- According to the Australian newspaper, The Advertiser, Air New Zealand has been issued with 501 infringement notices for bringing illegal immigrants into Australia. John Howard reports. See... Air New Zealand Issued 501 Infringement Notices [1] in the Headlines wire.
[1] -
Coasters Continue The Fight
- The West Coast lobby-group, Coast Action Network,(CAN) has made an official information request to the Government seeking clarification of its indigenous forest policy. See... Labour's Forest Policy Challenged [1] in the Headlines wire.
[1] -
Honours List
- World Trade Organisation Director General Mike Moore heads the annual New Year's Honours List. The former Prime Minister's received the Order of New Zealand. There is one new Dame, Professor Evelyn Stokes, and four Knights, High Court judge Rodney Gallen, racing's Patrick Hogan, Jade founder Gilbert Simpson, and John Turei for services to Maori.
Historic Victory
- New Zealand has beaten the West Indies by an innings and 105 runs in the second test at the Basin Reserve in Wellington to take the series 2-nil. Following on, and chasing 339 to make New Zealand bat again, the Windies were all out for 234. Brian Lara was outstanding defending his tail batsman, but when he fell to s lightly dubious decision the match was effectively over. Test debutante Mathew Sinclair was named man of the match for his 214.
More Scoops
Russian PM Becomes President
- In a shock to the international and Russian communities alike Russian PM Vladimir Putin became acting President of the Russian Republic on December 31 when Boris Yeltsin abdicated his position in favour of his chosen successor. As a result the planned June elections for a new Russian President has been brought forward to March 26th. Reaction to the move has been mixed. See... Albright Remarks on the Yeltsin Resignation [1] and Samuel Berger to the National Press Club On Russia [2] both in the General wire.
[1] -
[2] -
Young Nats On The Gold Coast
- ‘Where are Young Labour?’ was the key question discussed by Young Nationals Chair Daniel Gordon in talks with the Australian Young Liberal members on the Gold Coast today. See... Where Are Young Labour? [1] in the Politics wire. See also Young Nationals - Aussie Young Liberal Convention [2] in the Politics wire.
[1] -
[2] -
ALCP Has Mixed Feelings About Drug Importing Billionaire
- Cannabis law reformers have mixed feelings over the recent “non-criminal” importation of marijuana and hashish by an American billioniare. See... Free'd billioniare reveals arbitrary injustice [1] in the Politics wire.
[1] -
Aziz Choudry On SIS Annual Report
- Silly Season Timing Perfect for Annual Intelligence and Security Report. “Turkey, Chicken or Just Plain Stuffed” ? See... Annual Intelligence and Security Report - Sill [1] in the Politics wire.y
[1] -
Protestors Plan For Waihopai Action
– Protestors from the peace movement will begin congregating shortly near Blenheim to object to the continued use by foreign intelligence services of facilities based in New Zealand. See... Waihopai Spybase Protest - Update [1] in the General wire.
[1] -
Children’s World Parliament Calls For Release Of Boy Prisoner
- The paper delivered today by the Representatives of Tibet at the first Children's World Parliament being held in Wellington during the International Millennium Festival of the Children this week. See... Children Seek Release of Boy Prisoner [1] in the General wire.
[1] -
Road Toll
- Eighteen people died on New Zealand roads this Christmas/New Year holiday period – six less than last year, according to figures from the Land Transport Safety Authority. See... Holiday road toll 18 [1] in the General wire.
[1] -
Researcher Bites Back
- A senior lecturer at the New Zealand School of Forestry at the University of Canterbury today refuted statements in the House by Hon. Pete Hodgson, Minister of Forestry, that he was motivated by self-interest in the debate on the beech scheme.
Retirement Commission Tries Humour
- “How Much?” is the latest phase of the Office of the Retirement Commissioner's Take Action public education programme. Think you can convince your children to support you in your retirement? Planning on an inheritance from the old man? See... Retirement Commissioner takes humorous approach [1] and How Much?- Campaign Background [2] in the Business wire.
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[2] -
Consumer Confidence Hits December High
– WestpacTrust’s latest consumer confidence survey showed we were positive in December. See... Consumer Confidence Surges In December [1] in the Business wire.
[1] -
Shell On Avgas Contamination
- Shell New Zealand Ltd purchases some Aviation fuel (avgas) from Mobil in Wellington, which in turn has been supplied by Mobil's Altona refinery in Australia. See... Shell Aviation Fuel Under Quarantine [1] in the Business wire.
[1] -
Opus In Malaysia
- Some of the world's largest and most sophisticated expressways will soon be managed by New Zealand roading specialists, Opus International Consultants Ltd (Opus). See... Opus Specialists To Manage Malaysian Expressway [1] in the Business wire.
[1] -
Back To The Drawing Board For Customs
- The Government has suspended work on the review of border control. See... Border Control Review Suspended [1] in the Business wire.
[1] -
Death On Picket Line Murder Says TUF
- The New Zealand Trade Union Federation expresses its horror and outrage at the murder of Christine Clarke on the official picket line of the New Zealand Waterfront Workers Union in Lyttelton last week. See... TUF On Picket Death [1] in the Business wire.
[1] -
Student Loan Changes – Explanation And Criticism
- The Government recently announced that full-time and low income students will pay no interest on their student loans while they are studying in 2000 and beyond. This policy will be implemented through interest write-offs by Inland Revenue. See... Student Loan Interest Changes Explained [1] in the Education wire. Also in the wire the APSU says students are set to miss out on relief from interest while studying under confusing new rules released by WINZ in conjunction with other Ministries. See... Beware - Interest Free Loans Not All They Seem [2] .
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