Health based on care not funding

Published: Fri 24 Oct 2008 10:32 AM
Media Release
Grey Power Health Spokesperson for Health, Dick Stark, states that when the next Government has been formed the focus of Grey Power will be directed towards Care instead of the funding issues that dictate Policy at present.
It is time that the whole Health Board Strategy in NZ is revised, and for the unwillingness of previous Policy Makers in Health to acknowledge that the restructuring of a few years back is not satisfactory.
It is time NZ Health became NZ Health and not just copy the overseas trends which in many instances have proved detrimental. Experience balanced with new technical knowledge should be the recipe to the future, and we have much of that within our own nation.
At the moment there is too much "Bureaucratic Kingdom Building", too much fragmentation, too many administrators, and too much duplication, so it is time that some basic management disciplines were introduced.
Grey Power will become very vocal in pursuing the anomalies cited by our large membership in all regions of NZ, mindful that our generation will have to accept some change to our traditional expectations, but being always conscious that Health should be a quality of living for all peoples within NZ Communities.

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