Summer Shape-Up: 30 minutes is all you need

Published: Wed 14 Nov 2007 12:11 AM
Summer Shape-Up: 30 minutes is all you need

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The heat is on for the annual summer shape-up, and Curves has the answer: a 30-minute, 3 times a week workout that will have kiwi women toning up and trimming down for a gorgeous summer.
A half-hour at Curves is quickly becoming as popular as a tea-break for healthier and happier women who want to get into shape and stay there. And with over 40 gyms nationwide, you can find a Curves gym almost anywhere.
SPECIAL OFFER: Join any Curves gym from 12 November and receive the rest of the year FREE! Call your nearest Curves, or visit and click into NZ, for details. Conditions apply – ask a Curves representative for details.
Curves top 10 tips for getting into shape this summer
1.Get moving: Any exercise is better than none! Once you start to build up your fitness, you'll be amazed at how quickly you feel the benefits of a healthier body.
2.The best exercise programme is one that you will stick to: Find a routine that works for you, and make it a habit. Curves’ 30-minute, 3 times a week routine is hugely popular because it’s manageable and the 30 minutes fly by as you change workout stations every 30-seconds.
3.Make it fun: Go with a friend, or join a place where the environment is welcoming. Curves is like a girls' club, where everyone knows your name, and we all share similar fitness goals.
4.Bigger muscles create a smaller body: In order to increase your metabolism and achieve permanent weight loss, you must increase your muscle mass. Muscle burns calories so you can actually eat more food without gaining weight, and strength training is the only way to do this. You need to lift weights or use other exercise equipment that forces you to work your muscles against resistance so that they work harder than they’re used to. You don't have to spend hours working out to increase muscle mass – 30 minutes three times a week will do it.
5.Working out should never be painful: Make sure your workout helps (not hurts) you - hydraulic machines, which Curves uses, put minimal stress on joints and muscles, and are similar to water exercises, allowing you to work as hard as you want without fear of injury. That means exercising at the right level for you, using proper form and resting between workouts. You should feel invigorated after a workout, not exhausted.
6.Don't be a slouch: Stand or sit up straight at your desk, in the car, when shopping! Hold your head up high, and tighten your belly. This also goes for when you are working out.
7.Stretch: Stretch in the morning and at night to warm the body up, and relax it after a long day. It’s also important to stretch the muscles you have just worked out in order to get the most out of your exercise.
8.Water: Water acts a natural diuretic, and helps flush out your systems of toxins. It rehydrates the body and is great for skin, hair, and general health and wellbeing. Make sure you are getting the 8 glasses a day your body needs.
9.Think small: Set small, specific goals, such as dropping a dress size, or losing 3 kgs. Break your goals into smaller chunks so you can see the results. Exercise is one area where you can really see and feel success, and then take pride in your accomplishments and reward yourself. You did it!
10.Keep track: Chart your progress to keep track of your workouts and improvements. Whether it's fat loss, building muscle tissue or just feeling better, keeping a log will motivate you. When you see where you are and how far you've come, you'll realise you're making progress and you'll continue!
It’s never too late to start – call a Curves near you to find out more, or visit and click into NZ.
About Curves
Curves is the world’s largest fitness franchise, with over 5 million members in 55 countries, and over 11,000 members in NZ.
For the past ten years, Curves has been doing pioneering studies in female fitness. Now, the organisation has committed another $5 million over five years to scientific research on the most effective methods to improve the lives of women.

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