AA Reminds Drivers To Play It Safe Over Holidays

Published: Mon 20 Dec 2004 05:32 PM
Media Release
20 December 2004
AA Reminds Drivers To Play It Safe Over The Holiday Period
Whether on holiday at the beach, with family and friends, or travelling to a new location, nobody wants to be involved in a road accident.
It is up to every driver to be responsible for their own safety and their passenger’s safety – and that of other road users.
To assist you, your family, friends, staff and colleagues to have a safe and accident free holiday season, the Association reminds all drivers to remember the following advice:
Courtesy – be courteous and show consideration to other road users. Obey the rules of the road.
Don’t drive to the limit of your capabilities, stay well within them.
Maintain the gap – maintain a minimum two-second gap between your car and the vehicle in front. The gap should be greater in adverse weather or visibility conditions.
Keep left – keep to the left unless overtaking.
Speeding – excessive speed is a major cause of road accidents, drive within the speed limit at all times. If you encounter sunstrike or fog, or are unsure of the road, slow down.
Drink Driving – Driving and alcohol do not mix. If you are attending a social function and intend to drink, leave your car at home or nominate a non-drinker to drive.
Fatigue – if going on a long trip, get a good night’s sleep beforehand. Avoid driving late at night, and do not continue to drive if you are tired or feel stressed. Take regular breaks while driving.
Seat Belts – wear your seat belt at all times, and ensure every passenger is securely restrained. Pay particular attention to children as passengers. Don’t forget to secure pets.
Car maintenance – have your car checked over or serviced before starting on your holiday to minimize the inconvenience of a breakdown.
Above all, remember that courtesy when driving encourages co-operative and safe use of the road.

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