Hospital equipment worth thousands going missing

Published: Thu 7 Oct 2004 11:48 AM
Hospital equipment worth thousands going missing every year
Gisborne Hospital is running an amnesty this month in an effort to retrieve thousands of dollars worth of equipment that has gone missing.
Over the past two years a television, curtains from Ward Eight, two mobile phones for use by patients, and hundreds of hospital towels, nightgowns, sheets and cutlery have disappeared into the community,” said Tairawhiti District Health Professional Nurse Advisor Andrew Charnock.
Mr Charnock said in an effort to have some of the items returned, Gisborne Hospital is this month running an amnesty.
“If anyone, for any reason, wants to return Gisborne Hospital equipment, you can do so during October with no questions asked.”
Mr Charnock said the public could drop items off at the Salvation Army, 389 Gladstone Road, or at the hospital’s main entrance counter. “We don’t care where the items have been, or who drops them in, all we want to do is try and rebuild some of our stocks and save the hospital some money.” “Our estimate is that thousands of dollars worth of items have gone missing in the past two years alone.”
Mr Charnock said it was particularly frustrating to have so many items disappear as money spent replacing them could be better spent on improving the health of the people of Tairawhiti.
“For example, it costs around $5000 a year to replace all the crutches that go missing. If crutches didn’t go missing at the rate they do, we could spend that $5000 on new mattresses for beds.
Mr Charnock said hospital equipment went missing for a number of reasons.
“We’d like to think that most of it has gone home with people who didn’t realise that hospital equipment has to be returned.
“Unfortunately however, some equipment has been removed dishonestly. Let’s face it, there can be no mistaking a hospital television for your own!”
Mr Charnock said most hospital equipment is easily recognizable as it bears the words “hospital property” or “Gisborne Hospital” or “Tairawhiti District Health”. Some items feature the name of the ward where it came from.
“We hope this amnesty will see some of our equipment returned.”
Some of the Missing Items recorded during 2003
Crutches around 50 Walking frames around 20 Walking sticks around 12 Cryocuff (ice buckets) 2 Nerve stimulation machines 2 Table knives 117 Dessert spoons 225 Dessert knives 180 Forks 171 Dinner plates 108 Bread and butter plates 99 Thousands of dollars worth of linen including: towels towelling rugs face cloths night shirts domed gowns baby nighties
Other items that have not been returned over the past three years Toys from Children’s Ward many Play Station 1 Television 1 Mobile phone 2 Phone attached to wall 2 Water filter 2 Urinal bottles many Tapestry (donated to hospital in 1948 and framed) Curtains washable incontinence bed pads Dictaphone 1

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