Fee increases unfair for students: Candidate

Published: Wed 29 Oct 2008 09:34 AM
RAM - Residents Action Movement
Oliver Woods
RAM - Residents Action Movement Auckland Central Candidate
Wednesday 29 October
Auckland University fee increases are going to hit students hard in 2009, says RAM Auckland Central candidate and student Oliver Woods.
"As the economic crisis worsens, RAM believes that students should not have to face increasing fees and high costs of living."
"When my own personal fee increases are going up nearly 8% as a postgraduate student, and undergraduate students nearly 3%, it's clear the Government doesn't care about us."
"Auckland University Vice Chancellor Professor Stuart McCutcheon loves to berate students about how great they have it and how we don't deserve student allowances or free education."
"Professor McCutcheon's reactionary views are emblematic of a generation of baby boomers who have forgotten that they were the products of a free education system."
"I wonder how much Professor McCutcheon paid during the 1970's during his extended study at Massey University?"
"It's time we looked upon tertiary education as an investment and saw it as building a more productive and developed society and economy."
"RAM believes education should be free and bonded, so that students remain in New Zealand after they graduate."
"Plus we want a universal student allowance starting in the 2009 academic year, not in 2011 as Labour has hopelessly promised."
"RAM's present election campaign, 'Protect Our People', is fighting to ensure that ordinary Kiwis, like students, don't have to bear the brunt of the financial crisis created by profiteering speculators and irresponsible Government policies."
"Only two ticks for RAM on Elecion Day will send a message to Wellington that students have had enough with the failed 'user-pays' structure of education. Students should vote for RAM!"

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