AUT Graphic Design Exhibition Opens - Aotea Centre

Published: Thu 16 Nov 2006 08:38 AM
AUT Graphic Design exhibition opens at Aotea Centre
Parodying faulty perceptions of South Auckland is the basis for AUT Bachelor of Design student Corinne Smith's end of year exhibition. Smith is one of 100 Bachelor of Design and Honours students showcasing their work at the Aotea Centre in this year's AUT Graphic Design graduate exhibition.
Now in its sixteenth year at the Aotea Centre, the design exhibition covers all areas of communications graphics, illustration, photography, multimedia and design.
Smith, who grew up in Manurewa and lived there until a couple of months ago, says she wanted to use design to challenge negative perceptions of South Auckland around the gang culture, violence, environment, drugs and crime.
"South Auckland is not what it is made out to be. It's safe to go out at night. There are good people doing good things," says the third-year Bachelor of Design student.
The exhibition, titled Southside, parodies the perceptions in a "Standards Manual of Southside". Traditionally, companies use standards manuals to set out international corporate design and branding regulations, and manage the organisation's public image.
ref. Standards Manual 1 - Standards Manual 2 - Standards Manual 3
Smith's manual sets out standards recommendations like the "minimum gap between hoodie and pants to reveal undergarments" and campaign slogans including: "It's a great house. It's a state house. Southside."
International standards manuals are often written in several languages, and in keeping with that Smith's manual is written in English, Maori and Samoan.
"I felt like this was a more powerful way to respond to the moral outcry in the media and amongst the wider public. Instead of going against this strong construction, I felt like you could make people question it by undermining it through the parody."

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