Book Shares Secret To Finding Happiness

Published: Sun 21 Jun 2020 11:30 AM
We live our lives in the pursuit of happiness and now a Kiwi author says she’s been lucky enough to find it.
Lisa Jansen shares the secrets of this success in her first book, One Size Does Not Fit All: Discover Your Personal Path to a Happier Life. The book is based on extensive research and aims to help people design their own path to happiness according to their personality, values and strengths, rather than listening to one-size-fits-all advice. Getting to know yourself and figuring out what matters most to you are the first steps.
Twelve years ago, Lisa Jansen was unhappy, lonely and disconnected. Her life felt boring and meaningless, she was overweight and unhealthy and had no hope for the future. She started to learn about happiness, personality, values and what makes each of us unique. “I learned how to bring change into my life and make it last. It was this knowledge that gave me the power, inspiration, and skills to turn my life around.”
Today, she says, she’s extremely happy. “My life is fun and meaningful. I feel comfortable with who I am, and I’m fit and healthy.”
Now Lisa wants other people to benefit from her learnings. Her passion for personal growth and her belief that we need to find our own path to happiness, based on our personality and values, inspired the book. “The more self-help books I read the more frustrated I became with the fact most authors overlooked one thing: that we’re all individuals,” she says.
“Most based their advice on averages and majorities and put little emphasis on the fact it might not apply to all readers. The path to happiness is different for different people. You are responsible for developing your own blueprint.”
The interactive style of her book will make the process engaging and fun. “Happiness won’t come overnight, but if you do the work the end result will be more than worth the effort.”
One Size Does Not Fit All is a must-read for anyone seeking deep-down long-lasting happiness. It’s available through all major bookstores and online from Amazon and Fishpond. For more about the book visit
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