The world of Teddiville comes to life at its first ever show

Published: Mon 5 Aug 2013 03:26 PM
The world of Teddiville comes to life at its first ever show!
Come see a bright and colourful world where possibilities are endless…come to Teddiville!
Teddiville is the creation of local Auckland artist Andy Mowbray who this coming weekend will be holding his first show of Paintings and Prints for this colourful, playful world that he has created.
Andy holds a Fine Arts degree having studied both in the UK at Cleveland College of Art and Design and as a graduate from Elam School of Fine Art New Zealand.
Although Andy is influenced by his love for Pop Art, the style of Teddiville takes its cues more directly from the world of animated television shows and Andy draws subject matter as much from our popular culture as he does our everyday lives while paying homage to subjects that he's enjoyed over the years.
"The idea of Teddiville began initially when I wanted to share my passion for art with my young niece. Painting was my way of visually enriching her immediate environment in a fun, positive, engaging way and was something we could both share in, independent of our age, background or interpretation".
Andy likes to think of each painting as a snapshot of life in Teddiville, as if you are looking at a photograph, a moment that is captured in time on canvas that tells a story long before and after.
Teddiville keeps me in touch with an element of ourselves we tend to neglect or forget as we get older. I am excited to see where Teddiville is at in years to come as its future is as much a mystery to me, as it is to you. One thing I do know is it will continue to be a fun, positive and Joyful world in which these characters live".
Each painting is completely unique and available for purchase as are the prints too.
The show opens Friday 9th August at 5.30pm for a preview and runs through Saturday to Sunday 11th August
Event details
Friday 9th August, 5.30pm – 7.30pm / Saturday 10th – Sunday 11th August 9.30am – 3.30pm
32 Georgina Street, Freemans Bay

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