Author Debates Beyond Reasonable Doubt: God Exists

Published: Fri 18 Dec 2009 12:05 PM
Author Debates Beyond Reasonable Doubt: God Exists
Brendan Roberts, author of “God: Fact or Fiction?: Exploring the Relationship of Science Religion and the Origin of Life” will release the second edition of the controversial book in 2010. Using the spectacular Big Bang Theory, Natural Selection, astronomy, biochemistry, archaeology, Intelligent Design, philosophy, miracles, and theology he weaves compelling evidence for the existence of a Creator.
Auckland, New Zealand, December 14, 2009 – Brendan Roberts uses science and religion to demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that a Creator is the cause of our spectacular universe of about 100 billion galaxies.
Even atheistic philosophers are being persuaded by the colossal amount of evidence shown through the Intelligent Design debate which is a hot topic in the US. Brendan illustrates how one such philosopher has converted to a deist position and another holds that Intelligent Design should be taught in schools but impartially.
Brendan quotes the astronomer, Sir Fred Hoyle regarding the possibility of the universe coming to exist by chance, like lining up 1050 blind people, giving them all a scrambled Rubik’s cube and finding they solve it at the same moment.
In fact, few realise that the principles of Natural Selection predate Darwin to ancient Greece. But Brendan does not only explore evolution and thus neo-Darwinism but also the distinctness of human beings from the possible ape ancestors.
Humans are unique, rational creatures, able to create distinct signs pointing out that their atheism is probably defunct. If one claims there is probably no God, the door is left open to claim that there is probably a God. Humans have abstract thought and are self-conscious, can enhance and even transcend our natural environment as we can fly even to other planets. Moreover humans have a love for the truth, first able to recognise it – or else science would be meaningless; and also a self-giving love, able to truly love others, including our enemies, at times without any catches and others with great cost or suffering. We also have a unique wonder of life and creation; we ponder our own existence.
Even the universality of morality shows that most cultures abhor rape and murder. This points to the reasonableness of a Creator giving us these principles or laws.
Brendan does not shy away from such controversial topics as “The Problem of Evil” but distinguishes between natural (physical) and moral evil. An example of the former is earthquakes or tsunamis. Regarding the latter, most people consider the actions of terrorists as a depiction of moral evil.
Brendan also explores the religious experiences one can have without knowing they are being touched by the hand of a Creator. These are the wow moments of our lives. These include the death of loved ones when we find the strength to carry on, the birth of a newborn baby, gazing at the stars, a spectacular sunset, being loved by others, or simply receiving a smile. Music, poetry or an inspiring book can also stir one’s heart.
When it comes to DNA even school children can tell us that if there is a code, then there must be a designer of the code. The DNA code contains four base pairs as compared to a binary system for computers. Therefore the DNA code is even more complex.
Regarding the recent controversial topic of an atheist claiming God “probably exists” Brendan welcomes the debate so that people are drawn to examine the vast range of evidence at hand.
Brendan Roberts is a Catholic author, budding actor (extra in four movies in past two months) and freelance writer. The NZ Herald published two submissions: on the embryonic stem cell research controversy; and debunking the world overpopulation myth. He has been interviewed on various New Zealand and US radio stations including Fr. Thomas Loya’s Light to the East program which was broadcast on the EWTN Radio Network. Brendan was a speaker at the 2004 Eucharistic Convention.
Brendan Roberts shows that the progress of the last century in science, far from contradicting religious belief, has illuminated the stunningly elegant design of the universe and life...I found it both enlightening and inspiring Dr. Michael J.Behe – author of Darwin’s Black Box.

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