A Remarkable Story - Expedition Into North Africa

Published: Thu 24 Apr 2008 12:49 AM
A Remarkable Story - Expedition Into North Africa

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“Following in their tyre tracks”
Ordinary people, Extra-ordinary deeds
“We now remember them”
Original Concept: Bernard Shapiro BERNARD SHAPIRO
Creative Associate Producers: sarah jane Tonkin, Peter Houston
Imagine a group of ordinary Kiwis following in the tyre tracks of their fathers and grandfathers. Picture this; a group of New Zealanders crossing North Africa in 1940s transport, using 1940s equipment and resources, facing the challenges and hardships of one of the most inhospitable areas on the planet. This group of intrepid New Zealanders is K Troop.
This unique expedition, lead by intrepid adventurer Bernard Shapiro using period WWII vehicles, uniforms, equipment and surviving on WWII style rations, will follow the path taken by the Long Range Desert Group known as the LRDG who assisted the SAS in the Western desert.
This expedition will pass through the White Desert, the Black Desert and the Sand Sea. It begins in Egypt, will travel through Libya and Algeria, and return back through to Egypt. This Epic Trip is over 2000 kms and will be a Challenge for both personnel and vehicles.
It has been over 65 years since these type of vehicles crossed over this terrain. This expedition is being filmed, so you will be able to experience this unforgettable journey through beautiful Desert country. K Troop, the Kiwi contingent, is being joined by the UK contingent B Troop and H Troop - the transport support.
This time next year, the group will be in El Alalmain for Anzac day, and we will be reporting live from this location.
The challenges this epic journey presents will be recorded and you will be able to follow the group on the website with daily updates.
On return, a Film and TV series will be produced that will show this journey and its hardships in greater detail.
The early preparation includes grueling fitness training, logistical planning, the sourcing of period vehicles and uniforms, the restoration work of the Jeeps and CMP trucks, and the transportation of equipment and personnel to the North Africa.
The purpose of the Expedition is to discover what it means to be a New Zealander. Who we were, what we did and who we are now. Have we changed at all or have we lessened with time?
We hold the old soldiers of World War 1 and World War 2 up as legend; brave men in extraordinary circumstances who against awful odds managed great things. We see them now as larger than life.
We propose that they were ordinary New Zealanders plunged into those extraordinary circumstances, who had no option but to carry on. No matter what.
We are testing the proposition that we have not changed at all. That we are still those legendary people in those fading black and white photographs on the RSA Walls. We are still the people we always were; capable of great things from small beginnings. No matter what.
This trip is not just about doing justice and paying respects to those men and women who were part of the LRDG. This is about Kiwis learning that those men and women were just the same as you or me, and we aim to prove that - with nothing more than ordinary New Zealanders who come from all walks of life. We will show that ordinary New Zealanders can still succeed no matter what.

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Captain Bernard Shapiro
Throughout it all, Bernard will be the charismatic character that leads the charge!
Sponsorship is being sought from anyone who understands the importance of this historic expedition and would like to support us getting there and back.
K Troop is a Trust, and you are able to make a donation towards the expedition by going into your local BNZ and making a donation into the K Troop Trust Account.
The LRDG Kiwi Expedition Charitable Trust 02 0820 0109 095 000 , BNZ
Ordinary people, Extra-ordinary deeds

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