Linsay Seitz Is Coming, Are You Ready For Her?

Published: Thu 16 Nov 2006 05:38 PM
In World War II New Zealand told the USA where they could shove their nuclear subs. Now the USA is sending THE FEMALE SMART BOMB to the Land of the Long White Cloud.
Are you ready for her?
She's developed a cult following across the USA, Canada and Australia, and on November 21 outspoken author/political commentator Linsay Seitz lands in New Zealand with copies of the book that's changing the way we think.
Darling of the radio talk-show circuit, Internet cult hero and critically acclaimed author of the underground hit book PIBH: Politically Correct and Brutally Honest, Seitz's eye-opening interviews will raise your eyebrows, ignite discussions and challenge the very way you think and feel.
Do you ever wonder:
Why we are losing our individuality?
How we are working for a dream that no longer exists?
What incites violence between different religious factions?
Why we all carry trainloads of emotional baggage with no real relationships in sight?
Let Linsay take you on a journey that will plunge to the depths of your soul as featured through:
RGIN Internet Radio
Radio Bandcouver on CFRO
The BlurZine
C & K Magazine
Her stories will astound you, her views will challenge you and her words will resound for a long time to come.
Experience the Linsay Seitz phenomenon for yourself, and find out why Seitz becomes the talk of the town wherever she travels.
“She's blunt, brutal, honest and wholly irresistible. If P!nk and Machiavelli ever conceived a lovechild, Linsay Seitz is who it would be!"
Michael Schiavello
Television Host & Best Selling Author
TVNZ, InDemand USA, Viewer's Choice Canada

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