Planet Earth: It’s Amazing!

Published: Wed 21 Dec 2005 04:05 PM
Planet Earth: It’s Amazing!
From the heights of Mt Everest through to the molten lava fields of Hawaii, Maori Television presents a sweeping geological history of Earth with the launch of dramatic two-parter AMAZING EARTH on Tuesday January 10 at 9.30 PM.
Narrated by actor Patrick Stewart (Star Trek: The Next Generation), the two-part, hour-long series takes a special effects-packed look at the science of our restless planet.
Earth’s living history is filled with quakes and shakes, chasms and spasms. London-based productions Fulcrum Productions and The Discovery Channel first brought this explosive story to life in 1998.
Now the series has been acquired by Maori Television for the enjoyment of the channel’s viewers over summer.
Two years in the making, this ground-breaking documentary series lets viewers witness the most catastrophic events in the earth’s 4.6 billion-year history.
In the first episode, incredible graphics and cinematography introduce the creation of the earth, from the growth of molten rock to the creation of the enormous tectonic plates that continue to mould the face of the planet.
“The Earth of deep time moved at an unbelievably violent place – bruising and boiling, scalding and freezing, the land crashing and splitting, the seas overwhelming the land and being driven back.
“But all that violent past has been leading to our present. What could seem like an unending string of disasters – meteorite strikes, movements of continents, gigantic eruptions, flood and earthquakes, droughts and tidal waves – can be seen as the steps along the road that led to life,” says Stewart.
The series ends by delving into climate change and the evolution of mankind which has allowed humans to gain power to intervene in the most destructive way.
Exciting and spectacular, AMAZING EARTH premieres on Maori Television on Tuesday January 10 at 9.30 PM.

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