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Published: Mon 25 Sep 2000 10:07 AM
Sparging Online – Real Beer News -
Issue 44 – 22 September 2000 - DB out, Lion Nathan in – NZ wine
The Monteith's premium craft feel has been retained, however the current 6-pack cartons will be replaced by 6-pack baskets These will be housed in lively, easily recognisable 4x6 pack cases. "The improvement on our current packaging is staggering", says Vaughan Smidt, Sales and Marketing Manager, Monteith's Brewing Company
New Zealand's most popular and innovative mainstream beer now comes in a distinctive new longneck bottle, complete with long curves and embossed X-device logo.
All shares in DB Group's wine subsidiary Corban’s will be sold to Montana, with stock and internal group debt transferred to the buyer for a total of $151 million. The buyer will also take over an estimated $3 million in bank debt. The sale is also contingent on the approval of shareholders and the Overseas Investment Commission because of Lion Nathan's 28 per cent holding in Montana.
The leading online wine destination, (, and the world's largest web portal for beer, (, today announced an agreement under which exclusive beers sourced by will be delivered to consumers through the distribution network which now fulfills wine orders placed through
The Ale File by Cameron Williamson The power of Pink
Roger Pink has never marketed his beers, but their fame is spreading under their own steam.
When he took the African elephant as his mascot and began bottling Pink Elephant beers in 1990, Pink was an electronic engineer who homebrewed on a sophisticated technical level.
An Englishman from Surrey and later Kent, he celebrates (without conforming to ) English styles of Bitter, India Pale Ale, Mild and Stout, and makes exemplary use of London ale yeasts and New Zealand – grown hops.
Snapping the crown cap off any of Pink’s beers, it is immediately obvious that you are dealing with complex, considered ales brewed in a disciplined way. They rise above the style they’re brewed in. Here’s a quick tasting.
PBA (5 per cent; don’t ask what it stands for - it’s Pink’s secret) is called Golden Tusk on Pink’s redesigned labels. It’s an entirely approachable golden ale, hopped four times to lend it both flowery perfume with limey citric-sweetness and a moreish bitterness. Low carbonation and a quick-disappearing head let you straight at the body which is at once light with the fruity character of the yeast and deeply complex, down to toasty caramel notes.
PDA (5 per cent) started as a strong brown ale in the Mild style, now it’s not unlike an Amber ale with the trademark meaty yeast and rich fruit notes, long body and a dry finish.
McEllies’ Scottish heritage is prominent in its deep ruby colour and low hopping. (The tight Scots were nae generous wi’ their hops, not only because they had to part with money to get them, but they had to buy them from the Sassenachs.)It goes straight from a relatively warm (20 deg C) primary fermentation to the cold room, where it ferments at lager temperatures (nearer 8 deg C). This accentuates the butterscotch richness of the malt. Orange-barley notes and the warmth of 7 per cent alcohol make it fascinating.
Mammoth is strong (7 per cent) dark, rich and fruity, fully flavoured despite the high alcohol; Pachyderm Stout is a roasty treat, not as heavy as Guinness but with all the oily charm and bitter malt of its Irish counterpart.
Well worth hunting down, Pinks ales are available by mail order from the brewery in Raupara Rd, RD3, Blenheim, or the Masonic BottleShop, Devonport, about $3 a bottle. images of the brewery -
Cameron's writings can be read in Viva, every Wednesday, with your New Zealand Herald
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