S-ENCE Presents A PLANET E Excursion

Published: Fri 15 Sep 2000 02:08 PM
Experience the nu sound of jazz live as part of the Wellington International Jazz Festival 2000. don¹t miss this chance to hear the new generation of Detroit and Chicago players from Carl Craigs' renowned Planet E label comes Common Factor (live) and Recloose (remix set).
Wellington 28th Oct 2000 in association with The Wellington International Jazz Festival, Matterhorn Music and Track Suite! Also appearing in Auckland 27th Oct Venue details TBA
Nick Callingaert ­ Common Factor Born in Japan, Nick Calingaert spent his youth living in several countries such as, Italy, England and Belgium before finally settling in Chicago in 1996. as he was growing up nick studied violin and music theory, before teaching himself to play the guitar. he became an avid record collector as he grew up and when the chance came for him to make his own record he leapt at the chance. the record was a collaboration between himself and Spencer kinky (a.k.a. Gemini). the track was called Œ7.15pm¹ and featured on Gemini¹s moments of euphoria¹ EP which was released on the Belgium SSR label. nick then got into making tracks by himself. he began recording under the guise of common factor and his first two EPs Œthe 1000¹ and Œmotion / transit¹ were both released on the label that he made his recording debut on SSR.
The two common factor EPs generated a lot of interest both from the press and DJs but also from other labels and soon he was signed to Carl Craig's' Planet E label. his first two EPs on planet e Œhorizons¹ and Œget down¹ were very highly rated and both were single of the month in Mixmag. in 1998 nick set up a collaborative project between himself and Chris Nazukaka (who is best known and respected for his extensive production and remix work with the legendary Derrick Carter) called retroflex. they had two EPs out on soma at the end of 1998 and are soon to have a new EP out within the next few months on soma.
common factor won the respect of the American dance music magazines when Urb magazine named common factor as one of the 100 artists to watch for 1999. his following releases for planet e that year included a CD called Œdreams of elsewhere¹ which contained his vinyl-only recordings and extra bonus tracks, and the ŒPisces groove¹ EP this all preceded a tour of America with the rest of the planet e artists. this year nick began with a mini tour of Australia, and then began to work on his next releases for the year. As well as his retroflex single for soma and this project for paper (which is his first release of the year) he has been working on new common factor tracks with john Redmond on vocals who is better known for his Œpeople everyday¹ track on Cajual records.
"Somewhere between the unmistakable sounds of both Chicago House and Detroit Techno, the latest Common Factor offering lends a sneak peak into the direction of this artist's proper debut album. influenced by classic 70s disco and NY-style vocal garage house tracks, Nick Callingaert teams up with veteran house vocalist John Redmond (of Braxton Holmes' 'People Everyday' fame) and the result is two fierce tracks that will send dancefloors off the hook."
Matt Chicoine ­ Recloose One day last summer, Carl Craig got the bug for a fried egg sandwich, so he stopped into a neighborhood deli for a quick carry-out order. Matt Chicoine aka Recloose, who was frantically grilling up pastrami sandwiches during lunch rush, spotted Carl and decided he had to act fast. Not having the time or courage to engage in any sort of conversation, he slapped a demo he had in his shirt pocket between two pieces of rye bread, wrapped it, and discreetly slipped it into Carl¹s bag. Needless to say, Carl was pretty surprised mouthful of Maxell. Lucky for Recloose, Carl liked it.
"So This is the Dining Room," Recloose¹s first critically-acclaimed EP with Planet E, draws upon a variety of musical sources, owing much to the heritage of jazz, the left-field approach of dub reggae, the cut-and-paste styles of hip-hop, and the dancefloor sensibilities of disco and house. He grew up playing a number of instruments, including piano and saxophone, the latter of which he played for four years in his high school jazz band. In college, Matt laid down his horn and focused his attention on turntables. Within a few months of his initial practice sessions on some belt-driven Geminis, he was rocking parties around Ann Arbor, Michigan and experimenting on the radio with musicians, MCs, poets, and effects processors.
Recloose talks a little about his DJ style: "Growing up listening to Jeff Mills (The Wizard) on the radio, watching Beat Street about a hundred times, these were my avenues of accessibility into hip-hop and DJ culture growing up in the Œburbs. These early experiences were probably the most influential on my approach to DJing, which I call Œshapeshifting¹ for lack of a better term. Blending and bending styles that you might not expect to hear in the same musical package, anything goes. Above all, I play as if I¹m in the crowd, trying new mixes, new techniques, making sure that if I was there listening I¹d be fully entertained and feeling it.
"Exquisite extended play from new Planet E recording artists, Recloose. A barrage of multiple styles from instrumental hip hop to drum 'n' bass...with all the depth of jazz. Produced by Matt Chicoine, So This Is The Dining Room includes the influences acquired from DJ Premier to DJ Shadow. But don't dare to compare...steps beyond what you have already experienced." Five tracks, including 2 Carl Craig mixes."
Recloose and Common Factor play live at The Wellington International jazz Festival 2000 Saturday 28th October St Johns Ambulance Building

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