Technology, Safety And Inclusion: NEC New Zealand’s Mel Barber Spotlights Future Of Public Transport

Published: Wed 17 Apr 2024 08:49 AM
Women Who Move Nations, a pioneering podcast celebrating influential global female leaders in the transportation sector, is set to release its next episode featuring an exclusive interview with Mel Barber, Managing Director of NEC New Zealand.
In the upcoming episode, to be released on April 18, Mel Barber discusses the future of public transport technology in New Zealand, highlighting the critical role of artificial intelligence (AI) in enhancing efficiency and safety. Mel shares insights into NEC's innovative projects, including real-time monitoring systems and text-to-speech units, aimed at improving accessibility and safety in public transport systems.
“If you talk to some of our sales guys about the next big technology advancement, I think they'll say flying buses but I think it's really going to be how we incorporate AI into what we already do.” By harnessing technologies like SCATS and real-time data monitoring, we can make instant adjustments to improve efficiency and safety, ultimately enhancing the user experience.”
Furthermore, Mel Barber underscores the importance of utilising technology to address accessibility challenges faced by differently-abled individuals. From facial recognition boarding passes to smartphone-based alerts for approaching buses, technology plays a crucial role in creating inclusive transportation systems.
"Accessibility is a cornerstone of our efforts in revolutionising public transport," says Barber. "Technological innovations such as smartphone-based alerts and voice-enabled systems empower individuals with disabilities, ensuring that everyone can access and utilise public transportation seamlessly."
“Data and the reliability of systems will encourage more people to use public transport because they can plan their lives around it”, Mel added.
The podcast interview also delves into the significance of public safety in transportation.
“Having the right systems in place also helps keep things safe for all users that don't have to then rely on having security guards at every single bus station all of the time.” Mel added.
The "Women Who Move Nations" podcast aims to inspire listeners by showcasing the achievements and insights of female leaders in transportation. Through engaging interviews and discussions, the podcast sheds light on the innovative strategies and visions driving the industry forward.
Join us for the upcoming episode featuring Mel Barber, available on all the major podcast platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Don't miss the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the future of transportation and the pivotal role of female leaders in shaping it.
Upcoming guests will include President of MTA Metro-North Railroad, Catherine Rinaldi and the Executive General Manager, Public Transport Services of Auckland Transport, Stacey van der Putten.
The podcast is produced by the Public Transport Association Australia New Zealand (PTAANZ) and sponsored by smart technology leader NEC and is available on all your favourite platforms, including Spotify and Apple.

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