Pete's Natural Sodas Triumphs At Outstanding Food Producer Awards!

Published: Fri 22 Mar 2024 12:08 PM
Hold onto your hats, soda lovers! Pete's Natural Sodas has announced their latest triumphs at the esteemed Outstanding Food Producer Awards, where they snagged some serious bling for their fizzy creations!
Gold Medal: Pink Lemonade
Silver Medal: Raspberry Kola
Silver Medal: Kola
Talk about a flavour explosion! From the zesty zing of Pink Lemonade to the mouthwatering blend of Raspberry Kola and the classic kick of Kola, their sodas are bringing home the gold – and silver!
Pete, the Chief Soda Sorcerer, couldn't be more thrilled: "Wowzers! This is beyond our wildest dreams! Huge shoutout to our incredible team whose passion and dedication make these fizzy wonders possible. Cheers to keeping the bubbles popping!"
But wait, there's more! At Pete's Natural Sodas, they’re not just about flavour – they are on a mission to save the planet, one sip at a time! With their solar-powered factory, Fairtrade@home commitment, and a whole lot of love for Mother Earth, every sip is a step towards a greener, fizzier future.
So, here's to raising a glass (or two) to these sweet victories and the exciting adventures ahead!
About Pete’s Natural Sodas,
Pete’s Natural Sodas is a family-owned soda company powered by solar energy and fuelled by passion. Founded by Pete and Marleen in 2010, Pete's Natural Sodas stemmed from Pete's frustration with the abundance of imported, high-sugar drinks posing as healthy choices.
Determined to offer a genuine alternative, Pete set out to create sodas that would not only tantalise taste buds but also prioritise health and sustainability. Thus, Pete's Natural Sodas was born, with Pete and Marleen at the helm, tirelessly working to craft sodas that embody the essence of natural goodness.
Each bottle of Pete’s Natural Sodas contains 100% natural, freshly squeezed, spray-free fruit juice sourced exclusively from local New Zealand farms. Pete is a staunch advocate for "Fair Trade@home," sourcing his fruit directly from local farms and paying fair prices to ensure that surplus fruit doesn't go to waste.
But Pete's dedication to excellence doesn't stop there. Some of his sodas incorporate hops, renowned for their antioxidant properties and unique health benefits, resulting in a range of sodas that are not only delicious but also better for you.
At Pete’s Natural Sodas, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword – it's a way of life. From their solar- powered factory to their commitment to using recyclable materials. Pete's Natural Sodas showcases environmental responsibility in all aspects of their operations.
Pete’s Natural Sodas, where passion, sustainability and flavour come together to create a truly refreshing experience.
Current flavours :
Pink Lemonade, Lemonade, Feijoa Lemonade, Currant Crush, Kola, Raspberry Kola, Lime-O-Nade, Lemon Chilli, Ginger Beer, Sparkling Water

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