Scaffolding Shrink Wrapping - The Secret To Construction Projects Beating NZ’s Unpredictable Weather

Published: Wed 28 Jul 2021 04:34 PM
A successful construction project is made up of many moving parts. From conceptual design, to earth, pvomg, laying a concrete slab, completion, and all the stages in between, a successful project really is a Rube Goldberg contraption. And just like a Rube Goldberg machine, if there are any hiccups in the process, the ball can stop rowing. There are many potential bottlenecks in the construction process and in the event that one of these bottlenecks occurs, it can send ripples throughout the remainder of the project. This causes a cascade of events that ultimately can delay the build time, cause a hemorrhage in the budget and ultimately severely hamstring a successful project.
While these bottlenecks in construction projects can be caused by a multitude of reasons, the use of shrink wrapping is a proven way to avoid the potential for many costly delays.What is Scaffolding Shrink Wrapping?
You may have noticed over the years that many construction projects are covered by a “circus tent” like covering. This is known as shrink wrapping scaffolding. It is a weather resistant polythene material that is designed to be highly durable. It provides a drum tight fit to the construction site, offering complete coverage for work to be carried out.
In the past, construction teams were forced to awkwardly use taupalines, cable tied to scaffolding to try and protect their scaffolding. This was incredibly cumbersome, as it was not designed for purpose so tended to flap around and was extremely difficult to keep secure. Under the wrong weather conditions it could even pose a danger to those working on the site, as a strong gust of wind could send it flying if the tarpaulin came loose. This is comparatively archaic compared to what is now possible with shrink wrapping. Not only is it highly durable, it is also highly customisable to suit the needs for your project. Shrink wrapping capsules can come equipped with zipper doorways to allow easy egress, windows for increased visibility across the worksite, and even ventilation ducts to keep a worksite climate controlled.The Benefits of Protecting Your Scaffolding With Shrink Wrapping
One of the biggest threats to a construction project is delays. As alluded to in the opening of this article, a delay at any point in the project can have a domino effect that pushes out timelines, and in the case of severe delays, can completely envelop the contingency built into your budget. Nothing is worse than workers putting down the tools because there is no more money left to keep the project going.
One of the biggest obstacles construction projects can face in New Zealand is our unpredictable weather. There’s a reason Auckland is known for having four-seasons-in-a-day as conditions turn on a dime. You might have an hour of blue skies with the sun beaming down on you, before grey clouds roll over the horizon and proceed to pummel your worksite with torrential rain and wind. It’s a unique feature of New Zealand being a subtropical rainforest, but one that can be disastrous if it isn't planned for. Work needing to stop due to weather conditions, even if temporarily, really adds up over the lifespan of a construction project. This is made even worse if the harsh weather conditions decide to stick around for days, even weeks, when a worksite is not equipped to deal with them.
Fortunately, the entire problem is completely mitigated through the use of shrink wrapping. Whether rain or shine, shrink wrapping provides waterproofing to create the ideal climate for work to continue on. The drum fight fit keeps the wind from billowing between scaffolding while also keeping everything dry in the event of rainfall. They still allow natural light to come into the work site, and by customising the shrink wrapping capsule to allow ducts for ventilation, creates a well lit, climate controlled environment for work to be carried out. Not only does this make a work site a safer place, but it also provides a comfortable environment for any tradies working inside the shrink wrap capsule, which ultimately increases overall productivity.
Another potential speed bump that can be costly to construction projects is vandalism, theft or a range of other potential risks caused by unauthorised personnel entering the worksite. Because shrink wrapping cuts off potential access points, it provides a tremendous amount of safety for the worksite.
Shrink wrapping is highly cost saving as it is both simple and effective to set up and its highly customisable nature makes it perfect for almost any construction project. While it is an additional cost upfront, it pays for itself very quickly due to the effect it has on the efficiency it brings to the construction process. What's more is that it can be a cost that can be budgeted for, unlike the effects of unpredictable weather patterns delaying the progression of a project. Shrink wrapping allows timeframes to be more accurate, achievable, and in the hands of the project manager rather than mother nature.
South Pacific Scaffolding are recognised across the wider Auckland region for their expertise in shrink wrapping. With experience with projects up to 10,000m2, South Pacific Scaffolding can handle projects of all sizes and complexities. If you have a construction project in the pipeline that you want to defy mother nature tand be completed to its intended timeframe and budget, get in contact with the team at South Pacfic Scaffolding today to find out more about our shrink wrapping solutions.

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