NZ wine drinkers benefit from lower blood pressure

Published: Mon 23 Feb 2009 02:34 PM
Press Release,
Monday 23 February 2009
Wine & Health.
NZ Consumers Of World’s Healthiest Wines Experience Lower Blood Pressure, Thus
Consistent With The Research
The world’s healthiest wines that protect against heart disease are achieving improvements in blood pressure for NZ consumers consistent with the research and without any lifestyle changes.
A typical testimonial, from Betty of Lower Hutt, reads – “My blood pressure had been around 160 over 80 and I never can get it down below 150. But without any changes to lifestyle, except having the daily glass of Madiran wines, it was measured last week at the hospital as 126 over 60. My doctor will fall off his chair.
The GROUNDBREAKING research by Professor Roger Corder has established that;
 Procyanidin antioxidant polyphenols lower blood pressure
 Procyanidins reduce the risk of clot formation and blockage of the arteries
 Procyanidins decrease atherosclerosis by reducing oxidation of bad LDL-cholesterol
 French Madiran wines have the highest levels of procyanidins
The Appellation Madiran and other traditionally made wines from SW France have up to 10 times more procyanidin content than “new-world” anytime drinking red wines. Few wines have these high concentrations of procyanidins. Other foods rich in procyanidins are dark chocolate, walnuts, cranberries, certain apple varieties and pomegranates.
This is the REAL French Paradox.
Customers of the heart healthy Madiran wines from online wine retailer are reporting blood pressure improvements consistent with Prof Corder’s research.
Consumers’ experiences and their testimonials support the research that after 2 weeks of just one glass per day, their high blood pressure has noticeably reduced. This is a very compelling health strategy for the over 40 age group, to both prevent and take action against cardiovascular disease. Dr Serge Renaud, who first proposed the French Paradox, supports the research and conclusions of Prof Corder.
Uniquely and utterly compelling about Procyanidins and the heart healthy red wines is -
 Epidemiological studies reveal populations that consume high dose procyanidin foods in their regular daily diet have the greatest longevity
 Official French census data shows the local population in this region has double the French national average of men over 90 years
 In this region they do NOT have the Mediterranean diet, it is quite unhealthy in many regards
 Corder’s research conducted on cultured human tissue – not other animals
 Procyanidins in these wines is a cardiovascular healthy compound in very high naturally occurring doses – the wines are part of a natural diet. Conversely many unnaturally high-dose supplements are not proven as safe for humans over long periods of consumption.
 The range of traditionally made French red wines are tested to be sure they have the highest concentrations of procyanidins. They are up to 10 times more cardiovascular health potent than the average new-world (soft, sweet, easy drinking) style red wines
 Other research has stated that these polyphenols in red wine also protect against the dangers of strokes, diabetes, dementia and certain cancers
The British Heart Foundation - quoted Nov 07
Prof Pearson, associate director of the BHF, said in regards to healthy red wines "Maybe it's time we revised our policy,", "I think that perhaps we are being too cautious. We've always been reluctant to promote alcohol because of the obvious risks of over-drinking, but I think there's enough evidence now for us to have a re-think".
Lifestylewines is an Auckland based online e-Commerce wine retailer, importer and distributor to restaurants and retail outlets. Heart healthy AOC Madiran and other South West France wines are our focus. Our philosophy is to offer customers a destination for a discrete and carefully selected range of exceptional quality wines with a difference. Read the research and articles at
If you would like to pursue this topic further we can provide several other themes of human interest associated with procyanidin polyphenols and longevity.
About Professor Roger Corder, his research and book “The Wine Diet”
Roger Corder is Professor of Experimental Therapeutics at the William Harvey Research Institute, London. He has pursued research into cardiovascular function and the links between diabetes and heart disease for 25 years, with the aim of discovering new treatments for these ever-increasing health problems. Professor Corder has published numerous articles and lectured widely on his findings, which confirm the link between wine consumption and health.
Professor Corder is happy to take media calls from New Zealand.
The Wine Diet - is a natural and complete nutrition and lifestyle plan for adults.
This is an informative, science based, sensible and wide ranging discussion about wines and other foods rich in procyanidins (a type of polyphenol), coronary and general health, plus diet plans, recipes and more. Based on Professor Roger Corder's groundbreaking research, The Wine Diet shows you how to adapt your diet and lifestyle to stay healthy and live longer. If you need to lose weight, this will happen naturally as part of Professor Corder's healthy eating plan.
Book Reviews
Jancis Robinson, Master of Wine, and World-renowned wine writer (Financial Times, Dec 23, 2006):
“This is much the meatiest book of this genre, written by the measured and thoroughly objective professor of experimental therapeutics......extremely useful and informative book... “
Mike Jaensch; Winestate, Aug 2007 (Australia's National Wine Magazine)
“Unexpectedly, this is a book that, like a gripping thriller, is hard to put down. With a turn of almost every page comes another fascinating revelation about the function that takes up much of our daily lives - eating and drinking. These 200-odd pages could really have an impact on your life... “

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